The Host: Naruto the CD (THE HOST -NARUTO THE CD-, Za Hosuto: Naruto za Shīdī) is official drama CD for the tenth Naruto movie, The Last: Naruto the Movie. It's included with the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the film.


Kakashi Hatake informs Shikamaru Nara and Sasuke Uchiha that six Anbu had recently been killed and a lone survivor blamed a woman referred to as the "Twilight's Aoki-She-Leopard" who is the jinchūriki of the Hundered-Tails as being the one responsible. The trio summarise the woman is a member of a terrorist Group called the Twilight and suspect she is a dangerous Shinobi Hunter, based on the survivor's words. Upon learning the woman is heading towards Konohagakure and her weakness is good-looking men, Kakashi decides to open a fake host club and have Sasuke, Gaara, and himself impersonate as hosts while Shikamaru will surveillance the situation. Sasuke refuses but ultimately relents in the condition that Naruto Uzumaki be used as a countermeasure. Shikamaru sets out a strategy to let the woman let her guard down by Sasuke applying coldness, Kakashi with middle age charm, and Gaara with a need for maternal affection. Although they all have doubts, everyone agrees to go through with the scheme.

Naruto says he is alright with the plan but is dismayed when Shikamaru points out that his personality is not suited for a host. Shikamaru further hurts Naruto's feelings by calling him worthless and Naruto storms out of the shop. When the woman arrives, everyone is surprised that she is an older, plump woman in contrast to the beautiful maiden Sai described. The woman is interested in Sasuke and her displeasure at Kakashi's approach intimidates him. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to see her memories of having a handsome shinobi on a beach. Gaara tries to lean in her for affection but in his sympathy for her, he reveals that he is a former jinchuriki. The woman offers to show them her tailed beast, whom she refers to as a "canine". However, it is revealed that it is actually a dog called Akubi. In everyone's confusion, the woman explains she runs a boarding house called the House of Twilight, the Anbu came as customers but were hospitalized after eating blowfish and one escaped while hallucinating, her nickname comes from her hobby of hunting handsome men. She also says she came to Konoha for a marriage meeting between Akubi and Akamaru. However, the men notice Kiba Inuzuka sent her fake information and tricked her. Enraged, the woman attacks everyone, implying that she also destroyed the shop, and left them unconscious. Kakashi manages to order everyone to disperse before collapsing again.