"The Last Mission" (最後の任務, Saigo no Ninmu) is episode 498 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Shino has his kikaichū report to him about others buying Naruto and Hinata's wedding gifts. He shows the insects to Academy students, one of them wanting to become Hokage, much like Naruto. Iruka watches them from afar. Shino encourages them to follow their dreams. Shino meets up with Kiba, who complains he's late. Shino tells him all their friends have already gotten a gift. Kiba is taking buying the wedding gift as a very serious mission, as it's the last mission they'll have as Team 8. The two ask Kurenai for advice. Kurenai tells them about a rare honey wine that the Senju clan would gift in certain occasions. The two leave for Sora-ku, where a beekeeper who supposedly makes the wine lives. They come across a ninneko, Momo, who refuses to share information with them, antagonising them over Akamaru and their dog and insect scents. They try baiting him with catnip and pursue it, but Tamaki protects him, and apologises for his behaviour. Kiba flirts with Tamaki. Tamaki gives them directions to find the beekeeper. When looking for him, Shino ends up being lost in thought and loses track of Kiba. Shino is attacked by the beekeeper, but manages to deceive him. The beekeeper assumes Shino wants to kill him, but just gives him the honey wine when asked for it. Shino asks for directions to leave, but is told there is something like a barrier, keeping those who come in wandering around. The fog has a component that stirs doubt on those in it. Kiba manages to leave the area with no problem, while Shino recalls his earlier conversations with Academy students, Kiba, and Kurenai, which lead him to question how to live as a shinobi after Team 8. The beekeeper tries to keep Shino enslaved to his doubt, but his resolve to find a new path allows him to leave. Shino meets up with Kiba, and the two leave with the honey wine. Shino speaks with the Academy students again, further motivating them. Iruka suggests Shino should be a teacher.


Iruka UminoToshihiko Seki関 俊彦Seki Toshihiko
Shino AburameShinji Kawada川田 紳司Kawada Shinji
Kiba InuzukaKosuke Toriumi鳥海 浩輔Toriumi Kōsuke
KurenaiRumi Ochiai落合 るみOchiai Rumi
MiraiEri Goda合田 絵利Gōda Eri
TamakiAoi Inase稲瀬 葵Inase Aoi
SanshoMariko Higashiuchi東内 マリ子Higashiuchi Mariko
MibunaMasayo Hosono細野 雅世Hosono Masayo
BeekeeperShogo Nakamura中村 章吾Nakamura Shōgo
MomoJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi Junko