"The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen!!" (伝説の忍刀七人衆!!, Densetsu no Shinobigatana Shichininshū!!) is chapter 523 of the original Naruto manga.


The Third Division battles the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. While searching for his sword, Suigetsu explains why he wants to obtain the seven swordsmen's weapons, and explains their abilities. Kakashi nearly hits Zabuza, but is stopped, and held by Haku. Zabuza prepares to cut through both Haku and Kakashi.


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The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen!! +
January 31, 2011 +
伝説の忍刀七人衆!! +
Naruto +
The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen!! +, 伝説の忍刀七人衆!! +  and Densetsu no Shinobigatana Shichininshū!! +
Densetsu no Shinobigatana Shichininshū!! +