"The Net Encircling Sasuke…!" (サスケ包囲網…!, Sasuke Hōimō…!, Viz: Trapping Sasuke…!!) is chapter 460 of the original Naruto manga.


The Fourth Raikage questions Zetsu on Sasuke's exact location, then breaks his neck when he doesn't answer soon enough. The Raikage and his bodyguards go to deal with Sasuke, but not before instructing Ao to keep an eye on Danzō. The Land of Iron's samurai are also mobilised to find Sasuke. Meanwhile, Tobi confronts Naruto to ask about his recent encounter with Nagato. He is attacked by Kakashi and Yamato, so he offers to tell them about Sasuke. At the Summit, Sasuke kills the attacking samurai, indirectly alerting the Raikage to his location.

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