#Scroll of Everyone: The New Erotic Ninjutsu Completed!!! (#皆の書:新エロ忍術完成!!, Nambā Kai no Sho: Shin Ero Ninjutsu Kansei!!) is a manga-omake included with Kai no Sho.


This omake is set during the two-and-a-half years that Naruto spends training with Jiraiya between Part I and Part II. After a day of training, Naruto is eager to cook a fish that they caught. Jiraiya, meanwhile, has writer's block for his next Icha Icha novel and is unwilling to cook Naruto's fish. Naruto uses the New Sexy Technique to convince Jiraiya, and Jiraiya happily complies. As Naruto celebrates, Jiraiya decides to use Naruto's Sexy Technique as inspiration. He suggests Naruto wear a thong as part of his transformation. Confusing a thong for a mawashi, Naruto transforms into a sumo wrestler. When Jiraiya becomes angry with him, he uses the form to knock Jiraiya out.