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The New Twosome!!
(新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!)
Volume Info
Previous The Time of Reunion…!!
Volume 35 (Read Online)
Next Team 10
Pages 200
Release Date
Japanese November 2, 2006 (ISBN 978-4-08-874273-1)
English February 3, 2009 (ISBN 978-1-4215-2003-2)

The New Twosome!! (新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!) is volume 35 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 310

"Title" (タイトル, Taitoru)

Naruto and Sakura cry for failing once again to retrieve Sasuke. Sai cheers them up by pointing out that they still have time before Orochimaru can take Sasuke's body and adds that he will help them in the future. They return to Konoha. Sai reports to Danzō and, despite not killing Sasuke as he was instructed, asks to remain with Team 7. Danzō agrees, but warns him about growing attached to others. Later, Sai begins to work on a new painting, but decides to stop so he can spend time with his new friends.

Chapter 311

"Nicknames" (あだ名, Adana)

Sai visits the library to learn about how to make friends. After reading about nicknames, Sai tries to put the concept into practice by calling Sakura "ugly". He and Naruto, who tries to keep Sakura at bay, are injured in her wrath. The three meet with Kakashi in the hospital and tell them about their encounter with Sasuke. Because Sasuke has become so much stronger than them, Naruto worries that they will only fail again the next time they try to retrieve him. Kakashi replies that Naruto will merely need to get stronger, and proposes a training method that only Naruto can undertake.

Chapter 312

"The Creeping Threat!!" (忍び寄る脅威!!, Shinobiyoru Kyōi!!)

Kakashi says that Naruto will need to create a new technique, something he will be able to do in a very short period of time thanks to the training regiment Kakashi has come up with. Before Kakashi can elaborate they are interrupted by Team 10, who offers to take Team 7 out to lunch. Kakashi and Asuma stay behind while the others go out to mingle. Sai tries once again to use nicknames to make friends. He begins to call Chōji fat, but is advised against it by Naruto. Turning his attention to Ino, and remembering that Sakura did not like hearing how she actually appeared, Sai concludes that women prefer hearing the opposite of what is true. He therefore calls Ino "beautiful". Sakura becomes angry, having expected him to insult Ino. Elsewhere, Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu attack Yugito Nii.

Chapter 313

"The New Twosome!!" (新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!)

Yugito, having lured Hidan and Kakuzu into a trap, seals the exits to prevent them from escaping. She transforms into the Two-Tails and attacks them, but they are not concerned. In Konoha, Asuma begins to speak with Kakashi about something when they are interrupted by Kurenai. Asuma leaves with her, saying he'll talk to Kakashi later. Hidan and Kakuzu manage to defeat Yugito, though quickly bicker over why it took so long to do so. They then prepare to go to the Land of Fire.

Chapter 314

"Akatsuki Invades…!!" (“暁”侵攻…!!, "Akatsuki" Shinkō…!!)

Zetsu takes the unconscious Yugito while Hidan and Kakuzu continue on to the Land of Fire. They go to the Fire Temple to seek out the temple's head monk, Chiriku, in order to claim the bounty on his head. In Konoha, Kakashi explains to Naruto that creating a new technique requires combining nature transformation and shape transformation, concepts that Naruto pretends to understand. Asuma also visits his father's, the Third Hokage's, grave, and remarks that, despite their differences, the Third was a good father. Meanwhile, the Fire Temple has been destroyed and Chiriku killed. Hidan and Kakuzu take his body to the nearest bounty station.

Chapter 315

"Special Training!!" (特別な修業!!, Tokubetsuna Shugyō!!)

Kakashi explains that, although combining shape transformation and nature transformation usually takes years, Naruto will be able to do so in a fraction of the time by training with shadow clones. Kakashi then demonstrates how shadow clones transfer what they learn during their existence back to the originator when they disperse. Having never noticed this before, Naruto asks if training with hundreds of clones to learn things a hundred times faster is how Kakashi became so strong. Kakashi replies that only Naruto can do this sort of training because he has access to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra. Yamato joins them to help Naruto keep the fox in control. Before Naruto can start on his new technique, they must first determine his nature affinity; it is Wind Release.

Chapter 316

"Training, Begin!!" (修業、始め!!, Shugyō, Hajime!!)

Kakashi and Yamato explain the different nature transformations to Naruto and how his nature, Wind Release, has the greatest offensive capabilities. In order to master wind, Naruto and hundreds of shadow clones must learn how to slice leaves with chakra, something they slowly begin to progress with. Meanwhile, Asuma plays shōgi with Shikamaru and they begin relating the various pieces to positions within Konoha. After Asuma makes an uncharacteristic move, sacrificing a knight to protect the king, Shikamaru suggests that the knight represents ninja like them while the king represent the Hokage. Asuma tells him that he has the identity of the king wrong, and that he'll learn someday.

Chapter 317

"The Beginning of the Nightmare!!" (悪夢の始まり!!, Akumu no Hajimari!!)

Deidara and his new partner, Tobi, confront the Three-Tails. Although it is his assignment, Tobi runs away in fright, forcing Deidara to intervene. In Konoha, Naruto makes steady progress with his Wind Release training. He nevertheless asks if there is someone else in Konoha who can use wind and could give him pointers. Kakashi directs him to Asuma. Asuma explains to one of Naruto's shadow clones that wind has great piercing potential. Naruto suggests that ordinary weapons would be better for such a purpose, so Asuma demonstrates how superior wind is to every other possible weapon. The clone disperses and passes what it has learned to the others. Meanwhile, word reaches Tsunade of Akatsuki's attack on the Fire Temple. She orders the Nijū Shōtai be gathered.

Chapter 318

"Smooth Training" (順調なる修業, Junchōnaru Shugyō)

Deidara and Tobi defeated the Three-Tails and started towing it to the nearest Akatsuki base. Tobi insisted that he did all the work, which Deidara disagreed with. Tobi fell asleep while he's arguing his case, prompting Deidara to attack him. In Konoha, Naruto was finally able to cut a leaf in two, completing the first phase of his Wind Release training. For the second step, Naruto must use wind to halt the flow of a waterfall that Yamato created. Meanwhile, Tsunade instructs the Nijū Shōtai to capture or eliminate Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu before they leave the Land of Fire. When Asuma hears how they killed Chiriku, he decides to take his team to the Fire Temple.

Chapter 319

"Driving Forces" (つき動かすもの, Tsukiugokasu Mono)

As Asuma and his team depart for the Fire Temple, they take a detour passed Kurenai's apartment, who sees them go. Meanwhile, Naruto and his small group of shadow clones are unable to affect the waterfall they are training with. Naruto says he needs to use more shadow clones and thus a larger waterfall if he is to make any progress, but Kakashi advises against it. Naruto insists that he needs to catch up to Sasuke, so Kakashi instructs Yamato to make the waterfall bigger. Naruto trains through the night, motivated by Sasuke, and is eventually able to stop the waterfall with his Wind Release.

Author's Note

Curry rice or rice curry... I have no idea what the difference is...

Masashi Kishimoto, 2006

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