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The Path That Should Be Followed…!!
(進むべき道…!!, Susumubeki Michi…!!)
Volume Info
Previous Sakura's Decision!!
Volume 7
Next Life and Death Battles!!
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese May 1, 2001 (ISBN 4-08-873113-1)
English August 2, 2005 (ISBN 978-1-59116-875-1)

The Path That Should Be Followed…!! (進むべき道…!!, Susumubeki Michi…!!) is volume 7 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 55

"All-Out War…!!" (全面戦争!!, Zenmen Sensō!!)

Sasuke is still unconscious and sees himself young, wishing he had been stronger when his clan was massacred. Chōji doesn't want to fight Team Dosu, but changes his mind when he's called fat. Ino tells Sakura to keep a watch on Naruto and Sasuke. Chōji charges at Zaku, who fails to damage him. Dosu tries to intervene but is immobilised by Shikamaru. Ino takes over Kin and threatens to kill her unless her teammates surrender their scroll and leave. Zaku attacks Ino in Kin's body, injuring her. He announces that they're not there to take the exam. Shikamaru's technique ends just as Neji and Tenten arrive. Neji says Dosu will pay for knocking out their teammate, but then notes he won't have to. Sasuke awakes, with the cursed seal on his body and asks Sakura who hurt her. Zaku says he did.

Chapter 56

"The Power Granted…!!" (与えられし力…!!, Ataerareshi Chikara…!!)

Sakura notes the Cursed Seal on Sasuke's body. Sasuke says he feels great, and that he understands that he's an avenger, so he must gain power at whatever cost. He turns his attention to Team Dosu. Shikamaru gets apprehensive and rushes Ino to leave Kin's body, which she does. Dosu is scared by Sasuke's chakra, but Zaku ignores it and attacks Sasuke. He thinks he landed a hit, but Sasuke is behind him, hitting him hard with one arm. Dosu notes to himself how fast Sasuke was, especially since he carried Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke attacks with a Fire Release technique, which Zaku defends against, but is hit by the shuriken hidden inside the flames. Sasuke reaches Zaku and breaks his arms. Ino notes that Sasuke's chakra is very different from when they were at the Academy. Sakura remembers Orochimaru's words. When Sasuke turns to face Dosu, Sakura stops him, thinking he's not acting like himself. The Cursed Seal of Heaven recedes, and Sasuke falls tired. Dosu surrenders his team's scroll, saying Sasuke is strong. He says he'll retreat for the time being, needing to find something out, but if they should cross paths again, he won't back down. He picks up Zaku and Kin, and Sakura asks about Orochimaru and his intentions with Sasuke. Dosu says he doesn't know, wondering as well. Neji ponders about Sasuke's abnormal chakra.

Chapter 57

"Ten Hours Earlier" (10時間前, Jūjikan Mae)

Naruto finally wakes up. Believing that Orochimaru is still around, he warns everyone to hide, but is surprised to find that, not only is Orochimaru gone, but that the members of Team 10 and Team Guy are here and that Sakura has cut her hair. Ino offers to even out Sakura's hair and everyone rests from the encounter with Team Dosu. Meanwhile, Anko returns to the building in the centre of the Forest of Death to report on her failure to apprehend Orochimaru. Before she can speak with the Third Hokage on the matter, one of her assistants brings her a security tape from ten hours earlier: a genin team that completed the second phase in only ninety-seven minutes.

Chapter 58

"Eyewitnesses…!!" (目撃者…!!, Mokugekisha…!!)

Anko observes that, in addition to completing the second phase in only ninety-seven minutes, Gaara did so without even getting a speck of dust on him, something that would be almost impossible for even veteran ninja. Ten hours earlier, Team 8 had already acquired their second scroll and was proceeding to the second phase's ending destination. Along the way they came across Team Shigure facing off with the Three Sand Siblings. Despite not knowing if each other had the scroll they needed, Shigure attacked Gaara, but Gaara's Shield of Sand protected him from any injury.

Chapter 59

"The Tragedy of Suna!!" (砂の惨劇!!, Suna no Sangeki!!)

Shigure's attack was unable to penetrate Gaara's Shield of Sand, which Kiba noted smelled of blood. Gaara proceeded to capture Shigure and crush him to death, using one of Shigure's umbrellas to prevent any blood from getting on him. Shigure's teammates forfeited their scroll in exchange for their own lives, but Gaara killed them in the same way that he killed Shigure. His blood-lust still not satisfied, Gaara attempted to kill the hiding Team 8 too, but was convinced to spare them by his siblings. Team 8 considers themselves fortunate to have survived an encounter with Gaara.

Chapter 60

"Last Chance…!!" (ラストチャンス…!!, Rasuto Chansu…!!)

Four days after the second phase of the Chūnin Exams began, Team 7 has recovered from their battles with Orochimaru and Team Dosu. With the phase almost over and the team still in need of a second scroll, Naruto considers opening the scroll they already have so that they can forge a second. He is stopped by Kabuto, who, having taken part in the exams several times before, warns that anyone that opens the scroll before the second phase is over is rendered unconscious. Naruto thanks him for intervening. Having been separated from his team, Kabuto begins to leave to go and find them when Sasuke asks to fight him.

Chapter 61

"The Path That Should Be Followed…!!" (進むべき道…!!, Susumubeki Michi…!!)

Because they needed another scroll, and because Kabuto was alone, Sasuke believes that defeating him would be their best chance to finish the second phase. Since Sasuke paid him a courtesy by explaining this instead of outright attacking him, Kabuto offers an alternative. He explains that other teams that are just now finishing are heading for the building in the centre of the Forest of Death with a false sense of security and tired after four days in the forest. Thus, if Sasuke and his team waits near the building, they may be able to take a scroll from one of the opposing teams. Kabuto then accompanies them to the building but finds that they are trapped in a genjutsu, victims of another team with the same idea.

Chapter 62

"Trapped Rats…!!" (袋のネズミ…!!, Fukuro no Nezumi…!!)

Team Oboro surrounds Team 7 and Kabuto with their mist clones. Although the clones are apparently able to attack their enemies, all counter-attacks pass through them. With his Sharingan, Sasuke realises that the clones are only an illusion and thus are not actually able to attack, the hiding members of Team Oboro merely synchronising their own attacks with that of the clones. Intending to make this a battle of clones, Naruto creates a group of shadow clones that fight the mist clones through out the night. Later that morning, when Team 7 and Kabuto appear exhausted, Team Oboro reveals themselves so that they can take a scroll. The real Sasuke, Sakura, and Kabuto then confront them, having switched places with disguised shadow clones during the night so that they could rest.

Chapter 63

"One More Face" (もう一つの顔, Mō Hitotsu no Kao)

Surrounded, Team Oboro creates haze clones to try and avoid attack. While Team 7 is preoccupied with determining where the real members of Team Oboro are, Team Oboro tries to finish them off. Kabuto is badly injured while protecting Naruto, but he creates an opening for Naruto to defeat Team Oboro. Team 7 takes the scroll they need and goes to the exam destination point. Kabuto regroups with his team and they part ways, Team 7 entering the building through a different door. Kabuto's team reports to Orochimaru on Sasuke's development and Kabuto effortlessly heals his injuries. Team 7, having passed, are instructed to finally open their two scrolls.

Author's Note

This volume of Naruto is apparently the first to be created entirely digitally. My guess is that in the future, manga production will continue to move further and further into this kind of production and away from the more traditional methods.
Both the backgrounds and the characters themselves are created in software as polygons, and once the initial design and programming is done, any imaginable composition is possible. For action sequences, we use motion capture to create and manipulate the coolest poses we can come up with. It's all done on the computer, without using any paper or ink. Our methods will probably continue to change as the technology evolves... but there's one thing that will never change: the need to invent good stories!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2001

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