"The Plan…!!" (段取り…!!, Dandori…!!) is chapter 192 of the original Naruto manga.


Kidōmaru avoids Neji's attack and catches him in a cocoon of webbing. With the Sasuke Recovery Team unable to move, Kidōmaru decides to enjoy himself before regrouping with the Sound Four. Naruto and his shadow clones are caught in his web, so Kidōmaru plays target practice to figure out which is the real one. They all turn out to be shadow clones, and Naruto attacks Kidōmaru from behind. It ceases to work and Naruto is about to be captured, but Neji appears and releases him. Able to break Kidōmaru's chakra-infused webbing with his abilities, Neji concludes that he is the only one who can fight him.

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