"The Power Granted…!!" (与えられし力…!!, Ataerareshi Chikara…!!, Viz: The Strength That is Given…!!) is chapter 56 of the original Naruto manga.


Sakura notes the Cursed Seal on Sasuke's body. Sasuke says he feels great, and that he understands that he's an avenger, so he must gain power at whatever cost. He turns his attention to Team Dosu. Shikamaru gets apprehensive and rushes Ino to leave Kin's body, which she does. Dosu is scared by Sasuke's chakra, but Zaku ignores it and attacks Sasuke. He thinks he landed a hit, but Sasuke is behind him, hitting him hard with one arm. Dosu notes to himself how fast Sasuke was, especially since he carried Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke attacks with a Fire Release technique, which Zaku defends against, but is hit by the shuriken hidden inside the flames. Sasuke reaches Zaku and breaks his arms. Ino notes that Sasuke's chakra is very different from when they were at the Academy. Sakura remembers Orochimaru's words. When Sasuke turns to face Dosu, Sakura stops him, thinking he's not acting like himself. The Cursed Seal of Heaven recedes, and Sasuke falls tired. Dosu surrenders his team's scroll, saying Sasuke is strong. He says he'll retreat for the time being, needing to find something out, but if they should cross paths again, he won't back down. He picks up Zaku and Kin, and Sakura asks about Orochimaru and his intentions with Sasuke. Dosu says he doesn't know, wondering as well. Neji ponders about Sasuke's abnormal chakra.

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与えられし力…!! +
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