"The Promise of a Lifetime" (一生の約束, Isshō no Yakusoku, Viz: The Promise) is chapter 183 of the original Naruto manga.


Before the Sasuke Recovery Team departs, Shikamaru asserts his leadership and establishes a basic approach to how the mission will be carried out. Despite the frantic nature of the mission, the team and Rock Lee can find no faults with his plan. Sakura stops them before they leave and pleads with Naruto to bring Sasuke home, believing that he is now the only person capable of getting through to him. Admitting that he knows of Sakura's feelings, Naruto half-heartedly vows to do so, encouraging the team and causing Sakura to acknowledge all of his selfless actions. Elsewhere the Sound Four inform Sasuke of a task given to them by Orochimaru, bluntly telling him that he needs to die once.