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"The Real Dream" (本当の夢, Hontō no Yume, Viz: My True Dream) is chapter 625 of the original Naruto manga.


While Tobirama and the other Senju present start protesting Madara's ludicrous proposal, Hashirama — having come to a decision — thanks Madara for being so sympathetic as to have given him two choices so that he did not have to kill his brother. Removing his armour, Hashirama imparts his final words to his kinsmen, telling them to swear that Uchiha and Senju would not fight again. However, before Hashirama stabbed himself with the kunai, Madara grabs his hand , noting that seeing his resolve to go through with his request was enough. After this, Madara agreed to the treaty, and in the time to follow that the village was established. Meeting atop the same mountain they had met as children and seeing their dreams realised before them, Hashirama and Madara discussed the future, with Hashirama noting that he wanted to make Madara the Hokage so he could watch over the entire village and etch his face into the very rock they stood on. Madara would later coin the name of the village: Konohagakure — which Hashirama noted lacked imagination. They were later joined by Tobirama who called away his brother for the meeting with the daimyō of the the Land of Fire, exchanging not a single word with Madara. Back in the village, Tobirama noted that they were no longer in the same time as their father and that decisions such as who should be the head of the village were not to be done without democratic involvement. Tobirama also noted that Hashirama was more likely to become the village's leader, and as he broached the subject of the possible Uchiha threat, Hashirama cut across him telling him to stop thinking in that manner. Their conversation is cut short when Hashirama believes that they were being eavesdropped on. Not seeing anyone outside the window, and Tobirama not able to confirm nor deny it, Hashirama finds the leaf Madara had mere moments before outside the window. Hashirama was eventually chosen as the Hokage, and during a meeting with Madara in the Naka Shrine's secret room, Hashirama tried to plead with Madara, noting that in time people would come to understand him and as such, he would inherit the title from him. Madara noted, however, that in all likelihood, Tobirama would inherit that title, leaving no place for him, or even the Uchiha he feared, in the village. His resolve formed, Madara declared that he was leaving the village, and that this world was nothing more than mere entertainment, and that he looked forward to fighting with Hashirama as he went about realising his own dreams.