#Scroll of Wind: The Real True Face…!! (#風の書:素顔の真実…!!, Nambā Fū no Sho: Sugao no Shinjitsu…!!) is a manga-omake included with Fū no Sho.


Set during Part I, Team 7 finishes yet another unremarkable mission. After Kakashi leaves them for the day, Naruto suggests an S-rank assignment: finding out what Kakashi looks like under his mask. Sakura is uninterested until Sasuke states he wants to help. They are abruptly approached by a man named Sukea, a travelling photojournalist and former Anbu who offers to help them break into the Third Hokage's archives to check Kakashi's personnel record. They successfully locate Kakashi's file, but are caught by a group of Anbu just before they can see his profile image. Upon being lectured by the Hokage and Kakashi himself, Sukea places the blame squarely on Team 7.

To make it up to Naruto and the others, Sukea suggests trying to look at Kakashi's face while he's eating. Team 7 reports that this doesn't work since distractions always come up that make them look away. Sukea offers to take pictures from afar of Kakashi while he eats to increase the odds of catching a glimpse of his face. Naruto meets Kakashi for lunch and they are interrupted by Kiba and Akamaru, though Sukea takes pictures as planned. When looking at the pictures afterwards, however, Kakashi's face is conveniently obstructed in every shot, leading Team 7 to believe that they aren't meant to know what Kakashi looks like. Sukea leaves them and the Kakashi that Naruto met disperses unnoticed, being a shadow clone. At home, Kakashi removes his Sukea disguise, revealing his real face. After taking a shower, he remarks on how much fun he has foiling his students' plans.


  • This omake is the third of three omake about Kakashi's face.
  • In the second omake, Pakkun's version of Kakashi's face resembles his real face the most, despite the Ninken thinking it looks completely different.
  • Kakashi is incorrectly depicted without his Sharingan on his ninja registration form and in his bathroom.
  • Episode 469 of Naruto Shippūden is partially based on this omake.
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