"The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf" (木ノ葉同盟国砂の忍, Konoha Dōmeikoku Suna no Shinobi) is episode 125 of the original Naruto anime.


Backup arrives in the form of the Three Sand Siblings to aid the Sasuke Recovery Team much to their relief. Kankurō moves to fight Sakon and Ukon and reveals a new puppet. He then moves his puppets into play and captures the brothers, quickly killing them. Elsewhere, Shikamaru details Tayuya's abilities to Temari which the Suna kunoichi finds to be no problem at all. She is easily able to deflect Tayuya's sound-based genjutsu with her Giant Folding Fan and then summons Kamatari, which cuts a path of destruction, levelling the forest and killing Tayuya with ease. In the field, Gaara stands before Lee and uses his sand to deflect attacks fired by Kimimaro in their direction.