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The Seal Destroyed!!
(封印破壊!!, Fūin Hakai!!)
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Previous Naruto Returns!!
Volume 47 (Read Online)
Next The Joyous Village!!
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese August 4, 2009 (ISBN 978-4-08-874711-8)
English February 2, 2010 (ISBN 978-1-4215-3305-6)

The Seal Destroyed!! (封印破壊!!, Fūin Hakai!!) is volume 47 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 433

"Senjutsu Failed…!?" (仙術失敗…!?, Senjutsu Shippai…!?)

With Naruto no longer in Sage Mode, the Deva Path attacks him. While the two spar, Fukasaku summons one of Naruto's shadow clones that has been gathering natural energy. When it disperses its natural energy, it is then transferred to Naruto. In Sage Mode once again, Naruto throws another Rasenshuriken at the Deva Path, which the Preta Path absorbs. Seeing that the Naraka Path has restored the Preta Path, Naruto focuses his efforts on it. He distracts the Deva and Preta Paths, allowing him to destroy the Naraka Path at once.

Chapter 434

"Naruto vs. Deva Path!!" (ナルトVS天道!!, Naruto Bāsasu Tendō!!)

Although the Naraka Path has been destroyed, the Deva Path's gravitational abilities, which it has been unable to use since destroying Konoha, has returned. It first sends Naruto's toad allies out of the village, and then pulls Naruto into the Preta Path's grasp. The Preta Path absorbs his chakra to keep him from moving.

Chapter 435

"Banshō Ten'in " (万象天引, Banshō Ten'in)

While the Preta Path is absorbing Naruto's chakra, it also absorbs the natural energy he was storing. Unable to control it, the Preta Path turns into a stone toad that Naruto is able to break free from. Fukasaku and Shima, meanwhile, have been preparing the genjutsu that helped Jiraiya defeat three of the Six Paths of Pain. Not wanting to be defeated by the same technique again, the Deva Path kills Fukasaku. It then pins and captures Naruto.

Chapter 436

"Peace" (平和, Heiwa)

Even though Konoha has been destroyed, its ninja continue the investigation into Pain. Inoichi hypothesises that the Six Paths of Pain are being controlled remotely from one of the highest points around the village. All able-bodied ninja are sent to look for Pain's base mind. Meanwhile, the Deva Path encourages the captured Naruto not to struggle, as his death and, subsequently, a world living in constant fear of destruction will help achieve Jiraiya's dreams of peace. Naruto vows to stop it and achieve peace in his own way. The Deva Path explains how a life of tragedy and hate drove it to its ideas for peace and asks how Naruto, having never known either, can have a better solution. Naruto has no answer.

Chapter 437

"Confession" (告白, Kokuhaku)

Naruto repeats that Jiraiya would not have condoned Pain's ideas on how to attain world peace. The Deva Path responds that both Naruto and Jiraiya are foolish and that their deaths will create the only peace it is possible to have. When Shima tries to encourage Naruto, the Deva Path pushes her away. Before it can take Naruto away, Hinata attacks the Deva Path. Naruto tells her to run since she can't win. Hinata knows this, but says that after watching Naruto for so long and wishing to be with him, she can't help but want to protect him now. She tells Naruto that she loves him. Before he had time to even process what she had said, Hinata attacks the Deva Path but is quickly struck down and apparently killed. Enraged by the "murder" that was witnessed first-hand, Naruto breaks free of his restraints and enters a six-tailed form.

Chapter 438

"The Seal Destroyed!!" (封印破壊!!, Fūin Hakai!!)

When Naruto has entered a six-tailed form, the First Hokage's necklace tries to restrain him. Naruto destroys it. Yamato, elsewhere on a mission, senses this and rushes back to Konoha to subdue the Nine-Tails' influence. Ninja around the village sense the fox too and try to escape the area. Naruto and the Deva Path begin fighting, but the Deva Path realises it lacks the raw power to be a match for him. It retreats to a location closer to the base Pain, Nagato, allowing it to use Chibaku Tensei.

Chapter 439

"Chibaku Tensei " (地爆天星, Chibaku Tensei)

Over Konan's objections, Nagato uses Chibaku Tensei through the Deva Path, further weakening his already frail body. Naruto, in a six-tailed form, is caught in a giant sphere of debris. He enters an eight-tailed form to escape, but even then he has difficulty. Frustrated, Naruto, within his subconscious, cries out for help. The Nine-Tails offers to destroy Naruto's enemies if he lets it go. Naruto prepares to remove the seal keeping the Nine-Tails contained, but is stopped by the Fourth Hokage, who thanks the Nine-Tails and its bad influence for giving him a chance to see his son.

Chapter 440

"A Conversation with the Fourth!!" (四代目との会話!!, Yondaime to no Kaiwa!!)

Naruto picks up on the Fourth Hokage's claim that he is his son. Naruto is overjoyed and follows his father to a part of his subconscious where the Nine-Tails is not threatening to kill them both. The Fourth explains that he had designed Naruto's seal to produce an imprint of him if ever the seal was about to break. Naruto asks why the Fourth would seal the Nine-Tails within his own son. The Fourth responds that he trusted only his son to master the Nine-Tails in order to defeat the masked man responsible for its attack on Konoha sixteen years earlier. They discuss Pain's ideas about peace and the Fourth suggests that he is a product of the war-torn era he grew up in, something the masked man is likely taking advantage of. The Fourth encourages Naruto to find his own solutions about peace and Pain. After restoring the seal, he disappears.

Chapter 441

"Rasenshuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!!" (螺旋手裏剣VS神羅天征!!, Rasenshuriken Bāsasu Shinra Tensei!!)

Nagato is not able to maintain his Chibaku Tensei any longer. It falls apart and Naruto, in Sage Mode, lands on the ground. Naruto is confused about how he got here, so Katsuyu explains that he succumbed to the Nine-Tails and went on a rampage. Katsuyu assures him that he did not harm anyone and that Hinata is all right. Seeing the Deva Path, he asks it to take him to Nagato. It refuses, so Naruto takes one of its black receivers and tracks Nagato's location. He then attacks the Deva Path with a Rasenshuriken, trying to hit it while its repulsion powers are recharging.

Chapter 442

"The Final Gamble!!" (最後の賭け!!, Saigo no Kake!!)

The Deva Path leaps out of the way of Naruto's Rasenshuriken. It then finds itself in the middle of a horde of shadow clones, which surround him and try to attack during the five-second window that it cannot use Shinra Tensei. They fail and are repelled, but the combined shadow clones are able to provide enough support for Naruto to resist the repulsive effects. He attacks again with Rasengan, finally managing to hit the Deva Path when it is defenceless.

Author's Note

The plot development toward the finale having been settled, I am drawing full steam ahead! Please continue enjoying Naruto until the end!!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2009


  • To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Naruto, this volume includes several celebratory illustrations by Kishimoto's assistants and fellow manga artists.
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