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The Secret of the Mangekyō…!!
(万華鏡の秘密…!!, Mangekyō no Himitsu…!!)
Volume Info
Previous Jiraiya's Choice!!
Volume 42 (Read Online)
Next The One Who Knows the Truth
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese May 2, 2008 (ISBN 978-4-08-874512-1)
English April 7, 2009 (ISBN 978-1-4215-2843-4)

The Secret of the Mangekyō…!! (万華鏡の秘密…!!, Mangekyō no Himitsu…!!) is volume 42 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 380

"Those Faces…!!" (その面影…!!, Sono Omokage…!!)

Seeing the Six Paths of Pain, Jiraiya recognises one of them as Yahiko. On closer inspection, he finds that none of them resemble the Nagato he knew despite early convincing himself that Nagato was amongst them. Pain attacks, not giving him the chance to figure out who is who. Meanwhile, Hebi nears Itachi's location. They are intercepted by Kisame, who will only allow Sasuke to proceed. He leaves his team behind and goes and meets with Itachi, who he promises to kill. Elsewhere, Team 7 and Team 8 are stopped from continuing their pursuit of Sasuke by Tobi. Naruto tries to attack him, but it does nothing.

Chapter 381

"The True Identity…!!" (その正体…!!, Sono Shōtai…!!)

Jiraiya, despite having suffered many severe injuries, managed to capture one of the Six Paths of Pain. He tried to figure out why none of the six resembled Nagato, but reaffirmed that one resembled Yahiko and all had the Rinnegan. He considered if Yahiko had taken Nagato's Rinnegan but put this theory to side as all six Pains had the Rinnegan. In addition, Jiraiya remembered a conversation he once had with Nagato. As the Pain in front of him's forehead protector slipped off, Jiraiya saw the scar on his forehead and recognised him as a ninja he had faced in the past. Knowing for a fact that this wasn't Nagato, Jiraiya decided to test a hunch rather than return to Konoha. He asked the Two Great Sage Toads to go home, but they refused at first however, he managed to convince Shima to take the Pain he captured to Konoha for study. Jiraiya and Fukasaku left the barrier and went up to face the remaining Pains. Jiraiya upon observing them all closely confirmed that he had met all of them before. He had managed to figure out the secret of Pain however, he was soon surrounded and his throat was crushed.

Chapter 382

"The Real Choice!!" (本当の選択!!, Hontō no Sentaku!!)

Although he figures out who Pain is, Jiraiya can neither speak nor move. His life begins to fade and he reflects on the many failures of his life; his inability to protect the Third Hokage or Fourth Hokage; his inability to save Orochimaru; his inability to win the heart of Tsunade; and, most sadly for him, his inability to die with honour. He then remembers how Naruto was named after the protagonist of his first book, making him Naruto's godfather. Since Naruto's nindō is to never give up, Jiraiya, as Naruto's teacher, decides that that should be his nindō too. He finds the energy to relay a message to Fukasaku, confident that Naruto will save the world.

Chapter 383

"The Final Chapter, and…!!" (最終章、そして…!!, Saishūshō, Soshite…!!)

Tobi continues to prevent Konoha's Eight Man Squad from reaching Sasuke. In Amegakure, Pain notices that Jiraiya managed to inscribe a message onto Fukasaku's back before dying. Pain tries to kill Fukasaku, but Fukasaku escapes. Jiraiya sinks into the waters of the village with a smile, having decided to name the sequel to his story after Naruto. Zetsu remarks on how impressive Jiraiya's fight with Pain was, then decides to go see Sasuke's fight with Itachi.

Chapter 384

"Two Paths…" (二つの道…, Futatsu no Michi…)

Sasuke and Itachi exchange blows. Sasuke is eventually able to land a killing strike, and tells Itachi there is one thing he wants to ask him before he dies. Itachi alerts him to the fact that he has only injured an illusion. Already aware of this, having attacked the illusion with an illusion, Sasuke attacks the other Itachi, repeating his determination to ask something.

Chapter 385

"The Secret of the Mangekyō…!!" (万華鏡の秘密…!!, Mangekyō no Himitsu…!!)

Knowing that not even Itachi could kill the entire Uchiha clan by himself, Sasuke asks who helped him kill their family, planning to kill them too after he is done with Itachi. Itachi doubts that he could do this, but he gives Sasuke the name of Madara Uchiha. A founder of Konoha, Sasuke asks how Madara could still be alive after so many decades. Itachi reminds him not to be deceived by such facts, having once believed Itachi to be a loving older brother. Angered that he is being patronised with genjutsu, Sasuke demands that the real Itachi face him. Itachi responds that, since Sasuke doesn't have a Mangekyō Sharingan, there is no reason why he should do so, but agrees to tell him about Madara anyway.

Chapter 386

"New Light…!!" (新たな光…!!, Aratana Hikari…!!)

In the time before Konoha's founding, Madara was a promising member of the Uchiha clan. Through constant competition with his younger brother Madara gained the Mangekyō Sharingan and was able to take control of the Uchiha, leading them into countless victories. However, excessive use of the Mangekyō Sharingan left Madara blind, and it was only by taking his brother's eyes that he regained his sight. Madara went on to assist in the creation of Konoha, but later suffered a defeat by the First Hokage. He created Akatsuki to hide in its shadow and later tried and failed to destroy Konoha with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sixteen years ago, which Itachi uses as proof that Madara has grown weak. Intending to surpass Madara, Itachi will take Sasuke's eyes to escape blindness of the Mangekyō. Having heard all he needed, Sasuke prepares for battle.

Chapter 387

"Reality…!!" (現実…!!, Genjitsu…!!)

Itachi insists that Sasuke, with a normal Sharingan, cannot defeat his Mangekyō Sharingan. Sasuke merely repeats his promise to kill Itachi and attacks. The two exchange blows and have a contest of projectile weapons, but Itachi is ultimately able to gain the upper-hand. He pins Sasuke to the wall and plucks out one of his eyes.

Chapter 388

"The Difference in Strength…!!" (力の差…!!, Chikara no Sa…!!)

Sasuke reels from the pain of having one of his eyes removed. Itachi secures the eye he has taken and reaches for the second when the scene begins to shatter. Sasuke, both eyes intact, looks upon an Itachi doubled over in pain. The observing Zetsu remarks at how amazing it is for Sasuke to overcome Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Having lost a battle of genjutsu, Itachi prepares to use a ninjutsu: Amaterasu.

Chapter 389

"Sasuke's Flow!" (サスケの流れ!, Sasuke no Nagare!)

Sasuke attacks Itachi before he has the chance to use Amaterasu. Itachi dodges Sasuke's fūma shuriken, only to find that he has fallen in to a trap; the shuriken detonate and Itachi, injured and eyes failing, is forced to fall back. The two brothers exchange Fire Release: Great Fireball Techniques. When Sasuke's begin to overpower Itachi's, Itachi is forced to use Amaterasu.

Author's Note

Naruto has passed the 40-volume mark, becoming a long-term series. From here on out, I plan to keep working hard, with my eyes trained on the finish line!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2008

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