"The Supporting Shadow…!!" (支う影…!!, Sasaukage…!!) is chapter 15 of the Boruto manga.


Tentō and Boruto rejoice that their plan to distract then attack Shojoji worked, but is short-lived when the Mujina Bandits boss recovers from the attack. Impressed by Boruto's power he swears to make his death painful when he eats him. Realising that his opponent was badly beaten, Boruto prepares another Rasengan to finish him, however, the seal in Boruto's right palm activates stopping him from moulding chakra and leaving him in pain. For a moment, a shocked Shojoji believes Boruto is a member of a "certain group", but soon realises that is not the case and prepares to attack the duo once more. before he can reach them, he is stopped by Mitsuki, then rendered unconscious by Sarada's kick. While glad to see them, Boruto also worries about the mission they were assigned. Both Sarada and Mitsuki tell him that he can make it up to them by buying them coffee and sandwiches, which Tentō gladly offers to pay for. Back in Konohagakure, Konohamaru commends his team on rescuing Tentō but advises them to prepare for the fallout of abandoning their original mission. Ikkyū and Tentō soon reunite and the young man declares that he wants to become a strong person that can support him. Before the daimyō and his delegation leave the village, Boruto returns the card that Tentō gave him and ends up going to the shop to buy a pack of the collectable cards, but still doesn't get the one he wants. Sarada tries her luck and gets a super rare Orochimaru card which leads to the team finding out that Orochimaru is Mitsuki's father. Elsewhere, Ibiki and Sai prepare to interrogate the captured Shojoji and calls in Sasuke Uchiha for assistance with the unwilling prisoner. Fear of the famous shinobi quickly causes Shojoji to divulge what he knows about the seal in Boruto's palm and the organisation seeking the seals called "Kara". At the same time the named organisation meets, having been assembled by their leader Jigen.


  • Despite being chapter 15, when first published, the chapter's cover listed it as chapter 13.
  • Sai is incorrectly depicted wearing a forehead protector throughout the chapter.
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