File:The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja.png
  • Name: The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja
  • Author: Jiraiya
  • Type: Book, Novel

This was Jiraiya's first written book. He wrote this book while training the Ame Orphans and dedicated it to Nagato because he gave Jiraiya the inspirtion for the book and his words about peace are the last line Naruto the gutsy ninja said in the book. This book was first mentioned by Minato Namikaze that it was a really great book telling it to Jiraiya. He only replies that it didn't make it to the bestseller list. Minato then said that he'll name his son after the main character of this book, Naruto, and train the boy to be like that. Kushina comes out and agrees. With no choice, Jiraiya agrees and says that he'll be the baby's godfather. Later, Fukasaku gave it to Naruto so that he could read Jiraiya's book. The contents showed of a ninja that he'll never give up, and will break this "curse" that was mentioned in the story. After reading, Naruto seems to be crying.

While Naruto verses Pain, Naruto draws out the book once again and recited the quote: "I will break this curse." Seemingly, Nagato seems to remember this as it was his own line that was used when he talked with Jiraiya about making peace. A flashback occurs, as the story goes out again, but, instead of the main character, it was Nagato. Fitting into all this, Jiraiya's idea was sparked for a new book from Nagato's own quote.


  • Ironically, after Minato died, Naruto seems to follow the main character of the story, and somehow does it without his mother and father.

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