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"The True End" (本当の終わり, Hontō no Owari, Viz: A True Ending) is chapter 662 of the original Naruto manga.


As Gaara rushes to help Naruto, Tobirama curses Madara for stabbing Sasuke. Elsewhere, an attack from a miniature version of Hashirama's Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands technique is fended off by the Third Hokage, who is one of the only ones left with enough chakra to fight. The assailant is revealed to be Tobi, who still seems intent on uncovering the mechanics behind bowel movements. Meanwhile, Orochimaru and his team take cover, planning a surprise attack on Tobi. Karin, who is visibly distraught over Sasuke, is barely able to convey what she senses. Naruto is brought to Tsunade and her disciples Shizune and Sakura, but of the trio Sakura is the only one who still has enough chakra to use medical ninjutsu. As the other sensor-type ninja detect Naruto's presence, Hinata sees Naruto's failing heartbeat and rushes to his side, only to stumble and fall due to her low chakra levels. Tobi and a White Zetsu clone note that despite Naruto being an Uzumaki, his death is inevitable due to Kurama's extraction. Elsewhere, Sasuke clings to consciousness by remembering his resolve to honour his brother's sacrifice and to change the shinobi world, but his energy fades as Madara walks away from him. As grief overtakes both Sakura, whose chakra is rapidly diminishing, and Karin, who senses Sasuke's predicament from afar, both realise that if things continue like this both Naruto and Sasuke will die.

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