"The Unresisting Heart…!!" (抗えぬ心…!!, Aragaenu Kokoro…!!, Viz: A Vulnerable Heart…!!) is chapter 162 of the original Naruto manga.


Tsunade checks on an unconscious Naruto. Because of his week of intense training, she concludes he will sleep for several days. Knowing that he hadn't mastered the Rasengan and believing it now impossible for him to do so before the challenge deadline, Tsunade begins to leave. Shizune tries to convince her not to help Orochimaru and goes so far as to face off with Tsunade, but she is easily bested and knocked unconscious. As Orochimaru and Kabuto head towards the meeting place, Orochimaru remembers Shizune's earlier actions and sends Kabuto to eliminate her. The next morning Naruto wakes up Shizune, the Nine-Tails within him having healed his injuries faster than the two women expected. Shizune tries to pursue Tsunade but is stopped by Jiraiya, who has been drugged by Tsunade and is having difficulty moving. Noticing Kabuto, Jiraiya questions Shizune about Orochimaru's secret arrangement with Tsunade. At Tanzaku Castle, Tsunade offers to heal Orochimaru's arms if he will promise to leave Konoha alone. He agrees.

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The Unresisting Heart…!! +
April 7, 2003 +
抗えぬ心…!! +
Naruto +
The Unresisting Heart…!! +, 抗えぬ心…!! +  and Aragaenu Kokoro…!! +
Aragaenu Kokoro…!! +