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"The Value of a Trump Card!!" (切り札の価値!!, Kirifuda no Kachi!!) is chapter 13 of the Boruto manga.


Team Konohamaru is summoned to their sensei's office. While on their way, Boruto tells Sarada and Mitsuki about his last mission bodyguarding the daimyō's son Tentō and how the two had become friends despite the rough start they had. In Konohamaru's office, the trio are presented with a B-ranked mission and though apprehensive at first about the challenges, after hearing that elite shinobi such as the Fifth Kazekage undertook such missions while still a genin they are stirred to do their best on the upcoming mission. While on his way from Konohamaru's office, Boruto finds the extremely rare card that he has been searching for and realises Tentō must have slipped it into his pocket. While he desperately wants the card, Boruto is adamant that he cannot accept it and decides to go to the Konoha Mountain Villa and return the card to Tentō. While trying to find Tentō's room, Boruto overhears Ikkyū speaking with his bodyguards, distressed that Tentō has been kidnapped. Lingering long enough to hear the details of the ransom demands (500 million ryō and the release of all the prisoners from the Hōzuki Castle), he also learns that Ikkyū did not plan to alert anyone else of the kidnapping, believing there was a spy in his entourage; Boruto leaves the hotel and heads to Sarada's house. Startling her somewhat, Boruto apologises and lets her know that he would not be able to go on the mission with them, which Sarada understands must be for something important. Meanwhile, a kidnapped Tentō is confused when his kidnappers reveal themselves and he sees Yamaoka before him. His actual kidnapper Shojoji reveals himself and explains his Corpse Clone Technique to the young man. Shojoji mocks Tentō's love of shinobi while declaring that he himself was a shinobi though he wasn't featured on any collectible card. After being lifted and thrown to the ground, Tentō finds the shuriken Boruto had given him and makes a stand again Shojoji, who laughs off the endeavour before realising Tentō intended to kill himself. Shojoji is able to stop him before deciding that he would consume Tentō's brain and assume his identity. Boruto arrives in time to thwart Shojoji, and prepares to stand off against the Mujina Bandits.

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