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The Value of a Trump Card!!
(切り札の価値!!, Kirifuda no Kachi!!)
Boruto Volume 4
Volume Info
Previous My Story…!!
Volume 4
Next Ao
Pages 184
Release Date
Japanese November 2, 2017 (ISBN 978-4-08-881227-4)
English September 4, 2018 (ISBN 978-1-9747-0140-7)

The Value of a Trump Card!! (切り札の価値!!, Kirifuda no Kachi!!) is volume 4 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 12

"Friends…!!" (友達…!!, Tomodachi…!!)

Boruto meets Tentō at the Konoha Mountain Villa and soon realises that the daimyō has rented out the entire hotel. Tentō soon dismisses this trail of conversation, as he is way more interested in seeing Boruto use ninjutsu. While hesitant at first, Boruto displays the use of the Shadow Clone Technique to Tentō and while he was momentarily awed, he soon lamented the fact that he heard the Seventh Hokage could produce thousands of clones compared to Boruto's five. Now prompted to display the Transformation Technique Boruto opts for shock value and instead uses the Sexy Technique followed by the Harem Technique. This, however, has no effect on Tentō other than causing him to launch into a fit of laughter. After the laughter subsides, Tentō plainly states that this was nothing unusual to him because women were usually parading through his house. This laughter prompts Boruto to chide Tentō stating that he probably had no friends. Unperturbed, Tentō matter-of-factly states that Boruto was his friend and that he had always wanted a shinobi for a friend that was his own age. Now excited by the prospect, Tentō decides to show his Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls card collection to Boruto who is equally amazed by the collection. Tentō tells Boruto that he can take whichever card he wants especially after Boruto realises that Tentō has an extremely rare card that he has been after for the longest time. Tentō explains that it isn't hard for him to collect the cards (all of which he has in duplicates) since his father gifted him with a no limit credit card for his birthday. He introduces a catch, however: Boruto must teach him how to use ninjutsu. Boruto agrees to train him but declines the collectable card as payment stating that he would rather try on his own to get the card. Soon after shurikenjutsu training gets underway, Tentō becomes demotivated which leads the two to have a deeper conversation on why Tentō wants to learn ninjutsu: an attempt to get his father — who holds great admiration for shinobi — to notice him. Resonating with him, Boruto rallies Tentō to try harder before they are stopped by Yamaoka who disapproves of the activity deeming it beneath the heir to a daimyō. Persuaded, Yamaoka allows Tentō to continue his training while in Konohagakure which soon reveals progress and Tentō is able to hit the centre of a mark. While on a well-earned break, Boruto gives Tentō his collectable Seventh Hokage card and shares his own experience with being acknowledged with the overjoyed young man and his dream to become someone who can support the Hokage, like Sasuke Uchiha. Some time later as the daimyō's delegation prepares to leave, Tentō asks if he can see Boruto again to which the latter replies that it was a rhetorical question between friends. Meanwhile a member of the Mujina Bandits watches on all the while communicating with his boss Shojoji who it turns out is disguised as Yamaoka.

Chapter 13

"The Value of a Trump Card!!" (切り札の価値!!, Kirifuda no Kachi!!)

Team Konohamaru is summoned to their sensei's office. While on their way, Boruto tells Sarada and Mitsuki about his last mission bodyguarding the daimyō's son Tentō and how the two had become friends despite the rough start they had. In Konohamaru's office, the trio are presented with a B-ranked mission and though apprehensive at first about the challenges, after hearing that elite shinobi such as the Fifth Kazekage undertook such missions while still a genin they are stirred to do their best on the upcoming mission. While on his way from Konohamaru's office, Boruto finds the extremely rare card that he has been searching for and realises Tentō must have slipped it into his pocket. While he desperately wants the card, Boruto is adamant that he cannot accept it and decides to go to the Konoha Mountain Villa and return the card to Tentō. While trying to find Tentō's room, Boruto overhears Ikkyū speaking with his bodyguards, distressed that Tentō has been kidnapped. Lingering long enough to hear the details of the ransom demands (500 million ryō and the release of all the prisoners from the Hōzuki Castle), he also learns that Ikkyū did not plan to alert anyone else of the kidnapping, believing there was a spy in his entourage; Boruto leaves the hotel and heads to Sarada's house. Startling her somewhat, Boruto apologises and lets her know that he would not be able to go on the mission with them, which Sarada understands must be for something important. Meanwhile, a kidnapped Tentō is confused when his kidnappers reveal themselves and he sees Yamaoka before him. His actual kidnapper Shojoji reveals himself and explains his Corpse Clone Technique to the young man. Shojoji mocks Tentō's love of shinobi while declaring that he himself was a shinobi though he wasn't featured on any collectible card. After being lifted and thrown to the ground, Tentō finds the shuriken Boruto had given him and makes a stand again Shojoji, who laughs off the endeavour before realising Tentō intended to kill himself. Shojoji is able to stop him before deciding that he would consume Tentō's brain and assume his identity. Boruto arrives in time to thwart Shojoji, and prepares to stand off against the Mujina Bandits.

Chapter 14

"Teamwork…!!" (チームワーク…!!, Chīmuwāku…!!)

Recognising Boruto as the Seventh Hokage's son, Shojoji sends his underlings to deal with him. Boruto, however, easily dispatches all of the bandits present leaving Shojoji to deal with him himself. As Shojoji makes his move, Tentō calls out to Boruto to be careful that he's not eaten. Taken aback by the seemingly odd warning, Shojoji is almost able to take Boruto by surprise with his deceptive speed. Taking to the sky, Boruto is once again able to narrowly avoid being eaten by Shojoji before questioning whether his opponent was actually human. As Shojoji advances towards Boruto, he attacks with the Uchiha-style "Lightning": Triple technique which Shojoji repels with his Wind Release: Shield of the Wind Count technique. After his Rasengan is also repelled, Boruto deploys a smoke bomb, using the added cover and his shadow clones to land an attack Shojoji could not perceive. He is, however, captured and as Shojoji begins to break his neck, Tentō intervenes, attacking Shojoji with a shuriken. This diversion buys enough time for Boruto to attack Shojoji with his Rasengan, defeating him.

Chapter 15

"The Supporting Shadow…!!" (支う影…!!, Sasaukage…!!)

Tentō and Boruto rejoice that their plan to distract then attack Shojoji worked, but is short-lived when the Mujina Bandits boss recovers from the attack. Impressed by Boruto's power he swears to make his death painful when he eats him. Realising that his opponent was badly beaten, Boruto prepares another Rasengan to finish him, however, the seal in Boruto's right palm activates stopping him from moulding chakra and leaving him in pain. For a moment, a shocked Shojoji believes Boruto is a member of a "certain group", but soon realises that is not the case and prepares to attack the duo once more. before he can reach them, he is stopped by Mitsuki, then rendered unconscious by Sarada's kick. While glad to see them, Boruto also worries about the mission they were assigned. Both Sarada and Mitsuki tell him that he can make it up to them by buying them coffee and sandwiches, which Tentō gladly offers to pay for. Back in Konohagakure, Konohamaru commends his team on rescuing Tentō but advises them to prepare for the fallout of abandoning their original mission. Ikkyū and Tentō soon reunite and the young man declares that he wants to become a strong person that can support him. Before the daimyō and his delegation leave the village, Boruto returns the card that Tentō gave him and ends up going to the shop to buy a pack of the collectable cards, but still doesn't get the one he wants. Sarada tries her luck and gets a super rare Orochimaru card which leads to the team finding out that Orochimaru is Mitsuki's father. Elsewhere, Ibiki and Sai prepare to interrogate the captured Shojoji and calls in Sasuke Uchiha for assistance with the unwilling prisoner. Fear of the famous shinobi quickly causes Shojoji to divulge what he knows about the seal in Boruto's palm and the organisation seeking the seals called "Kara". At the same time the named organisation meets, having been assembled by their leader Jigen.

Author's Note

Recently, for some reason, the base of my left thumb has been painful. That's the hand I don't use to draw, so why?

I work seated, so I would understand my lower back or hip hurting... It's not a part of my body that I particularly put pressure on when I draw, nor do I recall banging it against anything. The only thing that comes to mind is... the video game I got hooked on for the first time in a while, Dragon Quest XI (the 3DS one). It seems that supporting the weight of the 3DS plus operating the pad to move characters unexpectedly stressed the base of my thumb. Though this never happened back when I was playing Monster Hunter every day... So, everyone, be careful when you get hooked on something for the first time in a while.

Mikio Ikemoto, 2017

Recently, I've been hooked on a game called Warhammer (from Games Workshop). It's a tabletop game where you wage battle using miniature figure soldiers, robots, dragons, etc., that you assemble yourself. It's sublimely fun.

But even though ninja have existed in the game for about 30 years, there still aren't any figures yet. (There are Ratmen ninja.) So I really wish they would release some... Please... What's writing about it here going to accomplish...? [laughs]

Ukyō Kodachi, 2017

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