"The Vessel" (, Utsuwa) is episode 181 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Jigen informs the other Inners of the Vessel's loss. They argue about the delay it causes to their plans, and who's to blame for the incident. Most of them blame Victor, who tries to deflect it to Amado, whose absence in the meeting he questions. Jigen says that Amado is busy with matters that no longer concern Victor. Koji Kashin offers to retrieve the Vessel, as the airship carrying it did so in an area under his jurisdiction. The majority of the other Inners agree to let him handle it. After the meeting is over, Victor considers retrieving the Vessel himself, and is glad his theft of the Vessel's data hasn't been discovered. He disparages Koji, who answers back, revealing he was in the same room as Victor since the beginning of the meeting.

Victor moves to attack him, but Koji strikes first. Victor maintains someone tampered with his airship, but Koji incinerates him, his jutsu strong enough to overcome Victor's regeneration. Koji also destroys the drone with the stolen data. Amado has informed Jigen of what Deepa knew, having regenerated his head and brain enough for him to report back. Having no further use for Deepa, Jigen has Amado dispose of his head. Koji reports having dealt with Victor to Jigen, who in turn informs him of the precise coordinates of the airship crash, and orders him to kill anyone who has seen the airship. Konohamaru and Mugino approach the crash site. Several genin gather to watch the sparring between Boruto and Naruto. Mitsuki helps Boruto prepare. Boruto is happy his father managed to keep a promise, and is glad to have an opportunity to make up for past mistakes and show him that his grown from his training. Shikamaru confirms with Naruto he hasn't told Boruto he'll be testing a new prosthetic hand. The sparring begins with Boruto using shadow clones as decoys to attack Naruto from behind. He throws a Rasengan, which Naruto extinguishes. Boruto uses electrified shuriken to blind him, so he only spots the Rasengan when it's near him, but Naruto extinguishes it again. Boruto wants to clash their Rasengan, and uses shadow clones to propel himself at Naruto. The Boruto who has the Rasengan is a shadow clone, and real one attacks from afar with a Water Release and Lightning Release combo. Naruto blocks it with an Earth Release wall. He punches through the wall and absorbs Boruto's jutsu. Boruto heads to the wall, but Naruto kicks him from behind, knocking him down, ending the match. Naruto acknowledges Boruto's growth. Later, Naruto confirms to Boruto his prosthetic hand was a scientific ninja weapon, explaining that Katasuke developed it based on Momoshiki's ability, though it isn't capable of releasing the jutsu it absorbs. Boruto admonishes Naruto for using it when he chastised Boruto for using them before. Sasuke arrives and points out the difference is in how they're used. Sarada asks when he came back, and he says he just returned from investigating Kara. Konohamaru and Mugino enter the crashed airship and find an empty container. Something approaches them from outside the airship.


Boruto UzumakiYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei Yūko
Naruto UzumakiJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi Junko
Sarada UchihaKokoro Kikuchi菊池 こころKikuchi Kokoro
MitsukiRyuichi Kijima木島 隆一Kijima Ryūichi
Shikadai NaraKensho Ono小野 賢章Ono Kenshō
Inojin YamanakaAtsushi Abe阿部 敦Abe Atsushi
Sasuke UchihaNoriaki Sugiyama杉山 紀彰Sugiyama Noriaki
Shikamaru NaraShotaro Morikubo森久保 祥太郎Morikubo Shōtarō
Sai YamanakaSatoshi Hino日野 聡Hino Satoshi
Konohamaru SarutobiHidenori Takahashi高橋 英則Takahashi Hidenori
MuginoJun Kasama笠間 淳Kasama Jun
Radio voiceRyo Nishitani西谷 亮Nishitani Ryō
Academy practice audienceNatsumi Yamada
Kumi Takaragi
Aoi Inase
山田 奈都美
宝木 久美
いなせ あおい
Yamada Natsumi
Takaragi Kumi
Inase Aoi
JigenKenjiro Tsuda津田 健次郎Tsuda Kenjirō
AmadoAkio Otsuka大塚 明夫Ōtsuka Akio
Koji KashinYuichi Nakamura中村 悠一Nakamura Yūichi
DeltaHoko Kuwashima桑島 法子Kuwashima Hōko
BoroKenta Miyake三宅 健太Miyake Kenta
CodeJunta Terashima寺島 惇太Terashima Junta
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