"The Weight of the Prized Artefact!" (名器 花鳥風月の重さ, Meiki, Kachōfūgetsu no Omosa) is episode 208 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto and Kiba are ordered to escort a man named Shin'emon who is transporting a rare and valuable artefact called Kachō Fūgetsu to Habotangai. Shin'emon makes the mission almost insufferable with his pompous, overbearing attitude and his willingness to put the two in danger just to protect his own interests. Bandits steal the artefact, and when Naruto saves Shin'emon after he puts his life at risk to try to save the artefact, he teaches him that people are more valuable than possessions. It is also revealed that Shin'emon is the creator of the artefact and can easily make another.


  • The episode is also known as the Prized Artefact Escort Mission.
  • Due to an animation error, at one point in this episode Naruto's head disappears.