This is the article on the Human Puppet used by Sasori. For the former leader of Sunagakure, head to Third Kazekage. For other uses, see Third Kazekage (disambiguation).

This is the human puppet created by Sasori from the body of Sunagakure's Third Kazekage. The efforts that Sasori went through to acquire the puppet made it his favourite.[1][2] In the end, Sakura Haruno destroyed the puppet and in the anime, when Chiyo tried to use the head to attack Sasori, he simply incinerated it.

Third Kazekage puppet using Iron Sand.

After converting him into a puppet, Sasori gained access to the abilities the Kazekage had while he was alive, such as his Magnet Release kekkei genkai. He also installed several weapons into his body, all of which were soaked in his special brand of poison — which kills the victim after three days of painful paralysis. This was also applied to the Kazekage's Iron Sand. It was noted in the anime, however, that his use paled in comparison to how strong it was while used by the Third when he was alive.[3]



  • Both the puppet Hiruko and the Third Kazekage were stated to be Sasori's favourite.
  • The Third Kazekage puppet was sealed in a scroll with the Japanese word for "three" (, san) on it.
  • This is the only confirmed human puppet to appear in the manga.


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