Third Training Ground

The Third Training Ground.

The Third Training Ground (第三演習場, Daisan Enshūjō) is a training ground where Konoha shinobi hone their skills. The Third Training Ground was the first place where Team Kakashi trained, using the bell training and previously used by the Team Hiruzen.


Third Training Ground

An aerial view of the Third Training Ground.

The third training ground is a portion of land located inside of Konoha. There is a view of mountains in the landscape and a large and deep river with forests in the both of its sides. There is a glade and in its centre there are three stumps lined side by side where Kakashi and Hiruzen used to tie their students, below there is the memorial stone, a polished kunai-shaped structure.


This ground was used by Kakashi to the survival training with bells, the same method used by the Third Hokage on his own students. Sakura and Sasuke tried to get the bells and failed, while Naruto was trying to skip the bell training and just go after the reward without getting the bell. Because of this, Naruto ended being tied up while forced to watch his comrades eat, after which they would be given a second chance for the bells. But Sasuke and Sakura, realising they would work better as a team if Naruto was not hungry, broke the rule and gave Naruto some of their food. Because of this, Kakashi, their jōnin sensei, passed them saying that "In the ninja world, those who break the rules and regulations are called trash, but those who don't care about their comrades are worse than trash."

Before the finals of the Chūnin Exams, Naruto came to the field nervous about his match with Neji. There he was surprised to find Hinata. He revealed his doubts about the match and his own abilities to her. Hinata told him he was wrong, and that in reality she viewed him as a proud failure who never gave up. This restored Naruto's confidence in himself and helped him win his match against Neji.

After about three years, Naruto and Sakura once again had the same bell training with Kakashi so he could see how they had improved. Kakashi is able to see the results of their training with Tsunade and Jiraiya, but they were still unable to beat him until Naruto threatens to tell Kakashi the conclusion of the new "Icha Icha" book, making the latter cover his ears so he can't hear them, then closing his eyes to prevent his Sharingan from reading their lips. They then took the bells, and Naruto revealed that he had only read the first ten pages, much to Kakashi's humiliation.

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