"Those Suffering" (苦悩する者たち, Kunōsuru Mono-Tachi, Viz: Anguish) is chapter 173 of the original Naruto manga.


Tsunade examines the damage to Lee's back and finds there are bone fragments lodged in his spine. Although she, and only she, could try removing them, Lee will die if she fails. Since her odds of success are only 50%, she advises he give up his dreams of being a ninja. To Guy's disappointment, Lee accepts his prognosis and leaves. While Team 10 is having lunch, Chōji insists that he get to have the last morsel of food, claiming it is the best. Asuma points out that he should train more and become a chūnin like Shikamaru, upsetting him. Sasuke, still recovering from his encounter with Itachi, thinks about how useless he was and how much Naruto has surpassed him. Orochimaru elsewhere sends his Sound Four to Konoha.


  • The part of Team 10 having lunch was adapted to episode 107 in the anime due to filler episodes taking place first.
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