• Both Minato and Tobirama have been hailed as the fastest shinobi of their time, but can we really count that? They were technically teleporting instead of physically being fast, even though they were both said to have really good reflexes.

    A, Guy and Naruto (in Kurama Chakra Mode/Six Paths Sage Mode) have all shown actual, raw speed. Can they lay claim to the title "Fastest Shinobi" or do Minato and Tobirama still have good reasons?

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    • I would say that without teleporting, Naruto is the fastest character. He uses raw speed alone and is already proven faster than Ei. But they are Shinobi, so teleporting counts.. there-as Tobirama already admitted Minato was faster than him and better with Hiraishin than him. So Minato is indeed the fastest in History.

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