• I hate to say this but I believe that Sasuke is right.... now that the mutual threat to the world is gone, the five nations and the Samurai will turn against each other.

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    • But all those are theoretical. Yes, the phenomena have occurred, but really it depends on the mental stability of the character. As easily as it is discerned, at this point I believe Sasuke can easily cease the power-driven "philosophical redevelopment of one's mentality". After all, he is already like a demi-god right. He seems intact.

      Oh yes, to answer your question, Lerianis, I would like to pose against Sasuke's thoughts. Its clear as glass the respective leaders of the villages have come to a mutual understanding and respect for each other. To really dissolve those relationships would be actions perceived as beyond absurd. It ain't happening.

      Think about it. All the confliction of the villages were triggered mainly by this war, and the overall presence of such powerful entities (tailed beasts, Madara). Of course, all those matters should be taken care of, if this final battle ends well.

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    • I disagree with Sasuke entirely. After all of the bonding that has happened throughout this war between the Five Kages and the shinobi of all Five Great Nations. The idea that they would all just suddenly start a war against each other for no reason once true peace has been achieved is absolutely insane.

      They have no reason to go to war with each other at all. All Five Kage clearly respect each other more than ever and the shinobi have fought through dozens of life or death battles together and saved each other's lives. There is no way they will all want to return back to being enemies again after all of this. Especially after those inspiring speeches that Naruto and Hashirama have given to everyone over the course of the war.

      Sasuke is just being a pessimistic emo asshole who is obsessed with hatred and darkness who can't see the light. Can he not see that he is making himself into the enemy and preventing peace from happening? He is the main threat right now who is screwing things up.

      I mean, especially since all of the Tailed Beast (Shukaku is questionable) wont be doing any evil anymore and will just roam the world peacefully and freely. Everything should be fine for the most part, I honestly don't see why they would all fight again when true peace is achieved and the world is on a better path now.

      @EternalMangeykoSharinnegan What do you mean by evil Hamura? I understand the Indra part, but nothing suggest that Hamura was evil.

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    • I'm half and half. On one hand, I do agree with Sasuke, and on the other, I see where this is problematic. I have a long spiel to give, but I don't have the motivation to do it now, and so I'll do it either tomorrow or maybe over the weekend.

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    • Oh, actually just ignore that part.

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    • Don't know whether to say he's right or wrong.

      LET'S ENTER SASUKE'S MIND AND SEE WHAT HE WANTS TO ACHIEVE.There's still a good amount of sense in what Sasuke says.Conflict is a natural order and must definitely arise.One who has power can control the conflict by having a strong influence(fear is the influence in Sasuke's case).Now that ain't so bad,no one will think of stepping out of line if Sasuke is watching over.....but depending on the manner he maintains control things may not look to good.The power will corrupt him(after all he is still human and an emo bitch).To have that power in control and not be a mad dictator(emo^10000) means you should maintain neutrality when dealing with nations.To maintain neutrality means not having any emotional attachment to whosoever(This is the reason Naruto must die)(Also the reason when you kill you're best friend you awaken the mangekyo).He can only achieve perfect control if Naruto is dead.

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    • Sasuke isn't right. Manga already proved that different peoples can work together without wars.

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    • Personally the way Naruto and Sasuke should handle it, is to fire the 5 kage, not kill, but get there lazy rotten spoiled butts off of there, well Gaara is an exception but the rest can just eat a porcupine.

      Especially the short one, i hate him, I hate him so much.

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    • they should have like a village that was home to anyone from the 5 great countries

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    • Whether Sasuke is right or wrong he isn't lying in what he's saying about this Alliance. Are we 100% sure that the kages (at least the Raikage and Tsuchikage) will not go back to there old ways and will finally turn over a new leaf which has been God knows long since overdue. I'm skeptical about Naruto's plan is not with him but the people he vouch for and let's not forget the Raikage did try to kill Naruto which could easily and quickly put the Alliance in disarray. Not to mention what if they do go back to there old ways, what will he do then attack them if that be the case then Sasuke was right along. For Sasuke's plan his could easily back-up as well but Like Naruto's plan I understand where he's coming from as well.

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    • At one point Sasuke is right. The villages only started to work together because of the war (because of the threat). After the war there won't be a common enemy anymore. So it is possible that at some point new conflict could occur and the united villages could break apart again. And only because they worked together in this war doesn't mean that all problems between them are solved. I don't say that the current generation will drift apart but it's possible that in the next 100 years (or whenever) they could have new conflicts between them or the new Kages are not that "good" (a Madara/Kaguya like person could be Kage (and seek for power like the firelord in Avatar^^).

      The current situation is no eternal solution to maintain peace and Sasuke tries to create a another solution which will last forever. era of warrant states -> shinobi village system -> ???

      But I also can't agree with Sasuke, because it SEEMS like a dictatorship. I think that Sasuke's intentions are good but his ways to maintain peace are not the right ones but no other character has a solution for it. But we also don't know how his solution will really look like. Is he only going to be the villain (the threat hidden in the shadows) and the villages or people are self-governing or will he be a dictator and rule over everything and decide everything ?

      So on the one hand I can understand Sasuke and agree with him but on the other I think that his solution is not the right one.

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