• Hey I kind of been wondering about this for a while, but is their any information in any of the databooks regarding the two male sand ninja who accompany Temari to help provide back up to rescue Gaara? I know that kishimoto can't possibly name every individual character but, since they had close ups on their faces, and appeared in more than one episode. Both of them even talked so I believe they would have pages? I have found images that could be used for their infobox, but I do not just want to post the pictures without having pages for them.

    Both characters wore the traditional sand ninja flat jacket with cap. The first one had circular black glasses resembling shades and appeared to be a little older than the others not counting Ebizo. The other one was young and had light brown hair and eyes. Can someone help look into this matter, I greatly appreciate it.

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    • This is not something that goes in the "Chapter and Episode Discussions" board. When asking for help on the wiki, please put it in the "Wiki Discussions and Support" board.

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    • All characters mentioned in the databooks are accounted for. If you go to the article of the first episode or chapter these characters appeared in and cannot find them listed among the characters to debut in that episode or chapter, then they were never named.

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