• So this has been on my mind for a while so I thought I would get this out there. We have had several cases of acquiring Kekkei Genkai despite not having the genetic propensity for it such as with Kabuto and all those Kekkei Genkai he captured and Madara and Obito with Wood Release. In all these cases they absorbed chakra and/or flesh to get said Kekkei Genkai.

    So 2 questions I want to ask you guys. My first question is a hypothetical. If a ninja went around wounding and stealing the flesh and chakra of all sorts of ninjas with Kekkei Genkai and put it in himself would he have all those Kekkei Genkai? I would assume so which leads to my second question.

    How would this effect Dojutsu? As you can take the eyes and not have the Kekkei Genkai for them as shown repeatedly with the likes of Kakashi, Nagato, and Obito just to name a few examples. Could said people actually acquire the Kekkei Genkai to use the eyes like the original user by the previously mentioned method?

    In the case of the Sharingan and its other forms and Rinnegan it would be absorbing the flesh and chakra of the users who awakened it while for Byakugan since its something all Hyuga have it could be either like the others and require the original user's flesh and chakra or take from any other Hyuga have the same Kekkei Genkai.

    If the first is true I don't see a reason why the second wouldn't be as well, which opens a whole can of worms for the ninja world if they ever figured it out.

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    • Answer to question 1: in theory acquieríng the flesh of a shinobi with kekkei genkai would allow the taker to gain those same abilities, although exceptionally few have managed to do in the known shinobi history. In fact: only extremely gifted shinobi have managed to do it that way cannonically. Kabuto and Madara being prime examples of this trend.

      answer for question nr. 2: pretty much yes, I think. It's been done to death: that the shinobi have nicked the eyes of their friends/allies/enemies and then transplanted them and then used the kekkei genkai without much hassle. since they already have the tissue (eye or eyes) that is affected by the kekkei genkai, then the taker should gain the kekkei genkai automatically. see Ao and Kakashi for reference.

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    • You need the flesh, which brings the DNA, which brings the chakra.. or more simply the DNA itself which brings the chakra.. In an Uchiha's case, once the Sharingan, Rinnegan etc is awakened, they stay awakened so although they used up the chakra Hagoromo gave them in their fight, Sasuke still kept his Rinnegan... BUT Kakashi who is NOT an Uchiha was not able to keep his Mangekyo once Obito gave him his chakra.. See? If Kakashi had the KKG, the physical eyes transplanted.. or even Obito's DNA transplanted he would have kept the Sharingan eyes.

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    • Wrong, Kabuto is not an Uchiha or a Senju yet he got Karin's Kekkei Genkei and he got Jugo's Kekkei Genkei by stealing their DNA/Flesh. Although there is always a chance that the body rejects the transplanted DNA/Flesh as Orochimaru explained.

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    • QuakingStar wrote: Although there is always a chance that the body rejects the transplanted DNA/Flesh as Orochimaru explained.

      Weren't there like 30 people for the Hashirama cell test alone, and only Yamato survived? Even though hokage-sanctioned research took place before that and failed too? Even Danzo had poor control over the cells.

      So, i think the acquiring of specific KKG can be done, but both need to be done in sufficient amounts (Madara had only little of Hashirama's cells and so took forever to acquire the Rinnegan) for meaningful effects, and the person needs to have the skill and chakra to master them (See: kakashi is down for a week after using the Sharingan, Danzo nearly dies from Hashirama's cells, Yamato is not a great Wood Release user)

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