• Hmm... Personally I like almost all opening songs from both Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden and there are some good ending songs, too. But If I have to pick my overall favourite ones, those would be:

      For Naruto:

      Opening song: opening 8, Re:member by FLOW

      Ending song: ending 12, Parade by CHABA

      For Naruto: Shippūden:

      Opening song: opening 5, Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono-Gakari

      Ending song: ending 17, Freedom by Home Made Kazoku

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    • Naruto Shippuden Opening 10 Newsong by Tacica. Brilliant

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    • This is my favorite songs:

      Opening song-opening 6,No boy,No cry.
      Ending song-ending 1,wind.
      Naruto Shippuden :
      Opening Song-opening 7,The World that was Transparent.
      Ending song-ending 17,Freedom
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    • Opening Song: "Silhouette"
      Ending Song: Tie between "Rainbow" and "You Can Do It"
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    • Naruto: opening - Rocks or Haruka Kanata; closing - Wind or Parade Naruto Shippuden: opening - Hero's Come Back or Tsuki no Ookisa or Guren or Silhouette or Kaze or Line; closing - Black Night Town or Shout This Voice Dry or Rainbow's Sky

      I'm so sorry that I chose so many, it was just so hard to pick! It was hard enough just to choose these top favorites of all time! I judged this based off of the music, the story the animation tells, and the lyrics. :D

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    • Lot is ok,i totally understand you!

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    • When some of them were first introduced I was like, NO! But as they went on I learned to love them all for what they were.

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    • Part I: Opening 5 (although I love 4 as well, it's almost a tie) and Ending 7 (followed by 3 and 5).

      Part II: Opening 1 (hands down) and Ending 20. I actually am indifferent to most Shippuuden OPs/EDs :/

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