• How did the Fourth come into power, and how and when did obito control him?
    • When and why was the Yuki clan Annihilated, and out of the two "Special" Clans introduced into the mist, could it be possible for the third to be a member of the yuki clan?
    • If so, was the Third Mizukage killed during the genocide purge of the Yuki Clan, or did the genocide take place after?
    • Could Yagura been controlled from the very beginning of his reign, or was there more to the little child like Mizukage, was he worthy of the despicable title, "The Bloody Mist?"
    • Was the Bloody Mist under the Reign of the Third Mizukage as Well?
    • Did Yagura, (Controlled by Tobi or not) Start a coup that led to not only the death of the third, but the death of the entire Yuki Clan?
    • Given Haku's Age, could it be possible that Yagura's Reign started with the Yuki Genocide
    • When was Yagura's terror stopped?
    • It was stated that Ao Saw through the illusion placed on him, so, Did Mei Temuri start another Coup?
    • Did every Mizukage come into play Through a coup d'etat?
    • Did Zabuza want to become Mizukage through a Coup of killing Yagura, did Zabuza want to change the history of the bloody mist by trying a second Coup?
    • It was stated by Haku that they where only working for gato to get money to buy Mercenaries. As Shown on his death bed, could Zabuza have cared for Haku, enough to want revenge on the man that destroyed his clan?
    • How did Isobu(Anime only this part) get released from Yagura?

    I would like to discuss all these questions and more.

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