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    So, who in the Naruto universe do you think would be an unstoppable duo if they teamed up? Who's abilities compliment whom's?

    You can reinforce existing teams or come up with new ones. Obviously there are power-scaling issues but just team people together who would be exponentially more powerful together than alone.

    Gaara and Rock Lee: One is stationary with sand shield and sand manipulation, one has superspeed and Taijutsu mastery. Imagine Gaara creating huge sphere around an opponent and Lee while Lee just bounced off the walls doing massive damage to the opponent. Gaara could be inside too, shooting sand attacks for support.

    Neji and Sasuke: Cmon, the two great Dojutsu weilding Genin of Part 1? If these two teamed up, especially if they were in their more powerful Part 2 forms, it'd be insanely hard to beat.

    TBM Naruto and Hashirama: Obvious reasons. I left out SPSM Naruto because he's too powerful on his own.

    Itachi and Kakashi: They're approach to battle is so similar; they'd be really well coordinated I think. Also, remember how Obito used Kamui to distort his Fire Release and make it huge? Imagine that with Amaterasu.

    Minato and Tobirama: I don't care what hapened during the war, These two together should be unstoppable. Both powerful and insanely fast Shinobi, they can hit fast and hard, leaving no space for counter attack. At least they should be able to.

    Any other ideas?

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    • This is a really interesting topic, and I hope this gets huge traffic. It's something I've pondered before, glad to see I wasn't alone in that. Now, on to the team.

      I figure War Mask Obito and Sage Mode Kabuto would have been a pretty effective team, had they hit the frontlines together. The two are extremely skilled and versatile. Kabuto's "disable the opponent" mentality works well with Obito's "strike at the first opportunity" mindset. It would be hard enough to circumvent Kabuto's versatility on it's own. Obito's hax and aoe abilities (when he feels like using them, that is) would just make it nigh-impossible.

      That's just me though, anyone agree or disagree?

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    • It's a shame no one replied, I'm bumping this. Hopefully it'll get some traction.

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    • Well now that you got some action back to it I was able to see it, and like everyone I've thought about the best team comps possible. And some that wouldn't get plot nerfed like TTJ Obito or TTJ Madara.

      Jiraiya and Minato, Master and Student. Both have similar Technics and both know sage mode, one is fast and hard hitting and the other also hits hard and is durable, not only that they might be able to summon the inter Mt. Myoboku

      Itachi and Madara, Uchiha Lineage. Both with incredible visual powers, both have MS and everything that hit has, Itachi's Genjutsu and Madara's Ninjutsu and their arsenal. Imagine facing a Full Body Sunano'o Itachi and Madara Combo, that thing is unkillable.

      Itachi and Nagato, Akatsuki's Doujutsu Master's. We didn't get a worthy battle between Itachi and Nagato vs Naruto and Bee, but in a real fight, God help the jinchuriky. Itachi's Sharingan mixed with Nagato's Rinnegan, Kabuto put those two together for some reason, Itachi brings out Susano'o can't touch this and even if they could Nagato would just have to ST them away. They cover each others weakness's.

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    • Kurenai and Gai.

      The Genjutsu Master and Taijutsu master. Gai's Taijutsu is a force to be reckoned with and demands your attention, which give Kurenai to incapacitate you with a powerful Genjutsu.

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    • sasuke and naruto, so6p and brother, hashi and madara, choji and shikamaru, jinchuriki and bijuu ^_^

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    • Gai and Kakashi

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    • Technically two tag teams here but I'd love to see Sasuke & Naruto v Hashirama & Madara.

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    • Kaguya and Shikamaru.

      master tactician + ridiculously powerful rabbit = unstoppable team.

      P.S i would say BZ was master manipulator, not a master tactician

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    • Shinden wrote: Technically two tag teams here but I'd love to see Sasuke & Naruto v Hashirama & Madara.

      Imagine Sasuke and Madara vs Hashirama and Naruto. Susanoo tag team versus Sage Mode tag team

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    • Itachi and Minato. If opponents try to run, Minato catches them, if they try to make a stand, they get caught in Genjutsu. There's no escape.

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    • Itachi and Sasuke : Uchiha Brothers

      Itachi and Shisui : Best friends for a long time plus Shisui taught Itachi.

      Jiraiya and Naruto : Master and Student.A great bond too.

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