• Boruto could discover how to get to the moon, and he meets Toneri who becomes his mentor, kinda like Naruto training in Mount Myaboku.

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    • A bit late, but personally i'd like to see a thorough Retcon of The Last to fall more in line with Naruto themes. I still think it sent some really weird messages. Naruto finds True Love through genjutsu, the stuff of deception and lies. Toneri dies alone on the moon (he thoroughly wrecked the ecosystem, so he asphyxiates, starves or freezes to death) when he was just misled by his elders, yet people like Nagato and Madara who murdered many people completely of their own free will get a redemption in death.

      I think it's a waste of an entire clan (Village Hidden in the Moon anyone?), even though the Hamura branch is already the buttjoke of the series (when they rightfully should be among the most powerful ninja).

      So yea i'd really like to see a return of the moon.

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