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    Other than the Toad, Snake and Slug summons that are made famous by the Legendary Sannins, what other summons are there that could be considered a formidable foe when summoned by your opponent to aid him/herself during a fight?

    Not quite sure where this question would go, but I concluded it would go on discussions since there isn't anything that I'm pairing anyone up for a fight.

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    • well I could easily enlist some which can fight on par with the old 3 way deadlock easily
      1) Ultimate summon Animal(even with Guy, yamato , SM Naruto couldn't win and had to trick it into falling into volcano)
      2) Ten-tails(or even Gedo Maze)
      3) Tailed Beast (Like Kurama)
      4) the New 3-way Deadlock
      5) 6 paths of pain(they are also summons)
      Well this should do..

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    • Leaving out the obvious choices of the Tailed Beasts (Juubi included) and the paths of pain (I don't consider them to be summons), I think that only two come to my mind: the giant clam (even if it is not strictly a "foe") and the ultimate summon. Well, and obviously all the powerful reanimated, if we consider them "summons" :D

      Namikazenaruto9 wrote: 4) the New 3-way Deadlock

      Well... I can agree with Gamakichi, but I do not remember Aoda doing something worth of him being called "formidable foe"

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    • Ibuse was also a pretty famouse summon, as well as Second Mizukage's giant Clam. You could also consider Kakashi's Ninken if you want.

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    • Monkey King Enma

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    • Danzo's Baku(which he taped its head to look like his which is fucking weird lol)

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    • QuakingStar wrote: Danzo's Baku(which he taped its head to look like his which is fucking weird lol)

      That thing is so ugly it shouldnt even be considered as a summon.

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    • Edo tensei, particularly Madara, as he was summoned onto the battlefield than reanimated on the spot.

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    • Maybe it would be better to keep "summons" as only animals that have blood contracts. Not tailed beasts or other people. It's like saying "Naruto got summoned once to mount myoboku,he's a summon".

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    • Oh yes I Forgot Kabuto's "Manda-2" is highly formidable;
      Hanzo's Salamander summon was really strong considering he defeated sanin.

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    • kidomaru's giant spider

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