• Jirōbō can go into Cursed Seal 2nd stage. Jirōbō also have eaten pack of chips which Fūjin wanted to eat. Who would win?

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    • ok, perhaps one of the strangest vs. debates I've seen in a long time, but here goes: Jirobo is the more versatile of the two, with earth release, strength and his cursed seal while Fujin is a one trick pony relying only on brute strenght, endurance/durability and stamina.

      Still I'd give the Victory to Fujin, he's tougher (taking a hit from Tsunade uninjured!) and his hulk ripoff powers. Fujin is already raging at the start of the fight because he's hungry and Jirobo would spend alot of time being sarcastic and if Fujin caught on, he'd only get more furious -> more powerful. Jirobo => pawned.

      but cudos for taking Fujin's personality into account in the scernario, but I still think Jirobo's sarcasm would spell his defeat

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