• Both use a bo staff, apart from having the same hairstyle (important to notice that we haven't seen Iwabee's hair on the side of his head, meaning it could be blonde, we just dont know) and the fact that Iwabee's belief that the shinobi era was better is completely opposite to Kawaki's hatred toward the shinobi era could show a complete 180 turn of ideals. And he wouldn't be the first to have one (practically all of Sasuke's arc was doing complete 180s of motivation). Maybe something happened that lead both him and Boruto to join (or create) a splinter group, and Boruto had a revelation and faced him in battle.

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    • It's possible that he could be Kawaki but he could also be a red herring pushing us away from the real one which could be Denki you saw that dark aura he had

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