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    Although it was never said the Namikaze is a clan, It'd be interesting to have this clan. I made up a story for the rise of the Namikaze clan: It's about a talented boy, younger than boruto (2-3) years, that is a descendant of the Namikaze clan and wants the clan to rise up and become one of the prominent clans in Konoha. His biggest hero is Minato Namikaze, and he wants to become the clan leader and learn flying raijin Jutsu to his clan making it their "secret technique" or "hidden Jutsu" and becoming Konoha's quick response team. Trying to succeed he confronts Naruto with this and points out he is also a descendant of the Namikaze clan. After some discussion Naruto wants to be sure this guy can handle it. So he gives him the clone and pushes the guy to learn it in a two weeks . The boy asks help and researchers everything of the justu to try to understand it. He somehow gets the hang of it but can't teleport with the kunai and consumes quite some chakra Everytime. But he develops a interesting ability to teleport 1 m out any direction without any marks. He is limited to 5 usages. When the 2 week period ends Naruto sends a shadow clone to spare with him. He baits Naruto into attacking first and kicks him while teleporting and then punches him from behind. Naruto is shocked to find this out and ultimately trusts the flying raijin justu to him. After some time he teaches it to his brothers. His ability to teleport became a kekkai genkai combining wind and lightning chakra with the flying raijin Jutsu. Thus making the Namikaze clan one of the prominent clans, the fastest clan for sure, giving their clan the nickname "Flashes of the leaf" I'd like to add that one of the Namikaze clans features would be great natural reflexes, so they can utilize the flying raijin Jutsu even better

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