• Is he Jinpachi??? It looks like him, but what do you think?

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    • Possibly

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    • Comparing Jinpachi and that guy,they wear the same exact outfit with the only difference being the mask

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    • Top left of what?

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    • EquinoxWizard wrote: Top left of what?


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    • MikeyGroudonRblx wrote: Is he Jinpachi??? It looks like him, but what do you think?

      It may or mnay not Jinpachi, it could probably his older brother. Remember jinpachi's bio? It says he killed his older brother:

      His older brother most likely was a previous wielder of Shibuki. Look at the pics in show to compare comparisons.

      As im sure you realised, the hair and face is covered and there are wrist bands on in the first pic while the rest of the outfit is the same. Despite this, one can also argue that it could still very well be jinpachi himself. As if you look closely under the face mask, you can make out what seems to be one eye being covered with a patch/headband. So it could be jinpachi and they just changed his outfit style later on. If thats the case, id say the previous version looked better and seemed more practical given the sword he uses.

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    • I don't think it is. we would know if it was. but it was stated that Jinpachi and Kushimaru was the same gen of swordsmen who knows?

      Also he has the same uniform as Ameyuri so it is reasion able she was before raiga.

      Also for Jinpachi to kill his brother then that would mean this brother would have to beat 8th Gate might dai. and we know only Fuguki, Juzo and Raiga did.

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