• Maybe this is posted somewhere else by someone else, but I can't find anything on it, so I thought I'd bring it up for discussion to see if there's a reason or not.

    In rewatching the last 3 episodes of Naruto, I saw the chakra leeching character mention that his ninja art kujaku saved him from death after being swung then tossed by Gaara. It made me recall that I'd heard that before and was curious what kujaku was so I immediately headed here. I did find a reference to kujaku in the Star Village episodes, but nothing else. I was really interested in what this ninja art dealt with in general as well as a list of characters that use it in any of the series. I'd be happy to start a listing for it, but I'm not sure if it is considered a jutsu or if it should have its own page. Plus since I remember little about it, I probably wouldn't be able to put in much info other than who uses it in the original series (I only know of the one guy Gaara fights mentioned above along with the Star shinobi). Any info someone more informed than I could put up would be very much appreciated!

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    • Thank you! That's a start obviously, but it also doesn't list those from the Artisan village, or Takumi village, use it and that was what I was referencing. There must be far more to this than what meets the eye, especially in light that it is not limited to just one village or group or ninja. That page is incorrect as it is not limited to just the Star village and cannot be limited to the Hoshigakure (as there was one specific technique that is - the peacock method), but kujaku cannot be limited to that village. It must be a more encompassing technique.

      I thought it prudent to add that two of the men from the Artisan Village actively call on Ninja Art kujaku in battle: 1. Suiko, after being swung and thrown into the ground by Gaara, says that if it hadn't been for his ninja art kujaku taking the impact, he would have died in that attack. 2. Hoki, when he is fighting Gaara and Naruto, calls out ninja art kujaku hurricane during the battle.

      I will note that I was watching the Dubbed version with my kids, so there may be some discrepancies due to the translations (as I don't remember this being a thing when I watched them subbed, but that was quite some time ago so my memory of it may not be great). However, I did see that the pages talking about the Artisan village people, that the woman's name is listed as Kujaku as well. I did rewatch the episodes again since seeing that, and cannot find any reference to her name being that. Is it possible there is such a major discrepancy between the English subs and dubs?

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    • Kujaku is also a character from Takumi village, as well as a name of Seimei's technique, Peacock Whirlwind Formation. So, it's a quite common name, but it doesn't necessary mean that all its varians are somehow linked. For example, Kujaku as a character has nothing to do with Mysterious Peacock Method at all. It's neither a single character nor some encompassing technique, just a word (peacock, to be precise) that is repeatedly used in different names.

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