• So I was on YouTube watching a video when I came across a comment like this: "Naruto’s generation: Working hard for strength Boruto’s generation: Born with everything" While the guy was in fact joking around, this got me thinking, "which generation is stronger?" Of course the answer is Naruto's, but that's only because they're all jonin-level ninja and Boruto's generation just graduated from the academy not long ago. These types of comments are not uncommon, especially the ones that say "oh Naruto is so much stronger and better than Boruto". Like obviously the show just started. Naruto ran 15 years he was bound to get strong Boruto just started. Anyway I'll get to my question(s), then give my own answer to it.

    "Who has more potential?" "Who would win, Naruto in episode 1, or Boruto in episode 37 (when they graduate)?"

    Personally, I think Boruto wins this contest. Boruto has 1/2 of Naruto's Uzumaki chakra (not Kurama's), he's SUPER smart, and he had learned wind and lightning style easily and at a young age. Naruto just had insane amounts of chakra.

    ANYWAY, what do you guys think. I might've started a flame war buuuut I'm interested.

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    • well, Naruto had the most horrible training style and still kinda kept up, was never taught anything thoroughly until he was actually 16 (so he spent a decade fighting s class ninja not knowing how a fire ball works), had great chakra control for someone who had to have sakura, kakashi, yamato, and jiraya explain shit to him over and over again about chakra. and wits... hmm this is kinda tough. he is supposedly smart if he had parents (the menma incarnations of him are all geniuses who had parents to tech them, so he has just as much potential as anyone else. he was stupid cuz he never bothered to learn BECAUSE nobody ever explained the importance of things to him- aka ramen=love)

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    • It's not really a good comparison to make. Boruto's potential is virtually infinite, depending on the power he got from his parents and how far he can take that. We won't know until we see.

      But more than that, Naruto's generation largely had to fend for themselves. Ninja Academy graduation was done with a Clone Jutsu. Not even shadowclone, but an actual clone jutsu. So useless that Sakura used it once and it was instantly seen through and useless. We've seen them learn flower picking, sparring (pure hand-to-hand combat), and Transformation jutsu.

      All of this indicates that there wasn't much actual teaching done. Hell, they got taught the Ninja Rules even though only Sakura seemed to remember them, so clearly the level of testing wasn't that high. Others like Kakashi and Itachi graduated before most even entered, so evidently the curriculum wasn't that hard.

      Compare Boruto's era, where they do not just learn Summoning but also math and physics, spar at full strength, and graduate not just with a written test but also have a proper Kakashi-style bell test. They've been trained FAR better than Naruto's era.

      And lastly, Naruto and Sasuke are gods incarnate. There's nothing more hypocritical than saying Boruto was born with it.

      Lorenzo.r.2nd wrote: well, Naruto had the most horrible training style and still kinda kept up

      Having a demon sealed inside you helps when you're in a tough spot.

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    • he didn't have a demon to back him up against mini shukaku gaara (who destroyed chunnin exams sasuke), and later on the 1st vote battle, he was even with sharingan 2/cm lvl 1 sasuke while in base with just clones. same for the roof battle. same for the last part of the second vote, same against kakuzo, etc. Naruto has more potential than 75% of the whole cast.

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    • "Infinite Potential" = Losing all your hair

      Prepare yourself Boruto, you will get bored.

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