• I recently noticed something in Temari's fight with Shikamaru. At the end, she plans on using the clone jutsu for him to catch with his shadow. However, clones do not have shadows to catch. She clearly calls it the clone jutsu and not the shadow clone jutsu, so her plan would have failed.

    I find it strange that she would make a mistake like that. I understand that she wouldn't have the shadow clone jutsu as a genin, but that is still a large oversight for someone as analytical as her.

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    • Huh. Maybe she was going to use a genjutsu?

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    • It doesn't seem like it. It would be too complex to explain that she makes a regular clone, then makes an illusion of his shadow catching the clone. If that were the case, she could just use a genjutsu only, and stop him with that. (Also, she doesn't seem to use much genjutsu.)

      When she describes her plan, it just shows a clone getting its shadow caught. She even says "Bunshin no-" before getting cut off by Shikamaru's possession. (If it was just the dub that did it, it could have been a translation error.)

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