• It is never specified which village the Kaguya Clan is from or Affiliated with, we know it attacked Kirigakure, and that before Kaguya's Attack they had reached its Outskirts, so it must be near it since they wouldn't travel that far crossing other countries to fight another one, also there's the fact that Orochimaru found Kimimaro, but Kimimaro had been wandering after his clan's massacre and Orochimaru had found him at Kiri's outskirts, so the question is, does anyone know where is the Kaguya Clan from?

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    • Obviously this is not proof of anything at all, Kimimaro went past Zabuza while he was in uniform, so I would assume he was still with the mist, so if he was taking missions relatively close by since the area is kinda foggy. So they could have lived in the land of water given they were bloodthirsty, but as for an original home probably won't get any real info since out of the 5 clans to directly originate from the Otsutsuki Clan, they seem to be the most primitive and probably dumbest to be honest since they had no foresight or even desire for victory since based of their description just getting any kind of bloodshed was as good as winning a fight even if it meant they died.

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    • I am just wondering why the Kaguya clan does their hair in a simillar style to Tenji.

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    • For all we know, Tenji isn't canon. Kaguya most likely had a human lover, but if his name was Tenji and if he looked anything like the anime depiction, is questionable at best. Actually would make more sense for Hagoromo and Hamura's father to have had red hair imo.

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