• I know that the main focus of the Naruto world is about Naruto & chakra. This neglects non chakra uses such as Tazuna, Tsunami, Inari, Gatō. Those names are from the very first arc of the Naruto anime and that was the direction I and many other people thought the plot of Naruto was going. Non overpowered chakra uses. Gatō was a drug lord and Zabuza was just a rogue ninja/assassin who worked for him. I think that Masashi Kishimoto had a good idea at the begining of Naruto, a simple, non overpowered story and non chakra characters were regarded. Gatō's assassins(except Zabuza) also weren't chakra uses.

    Many bandits in Naruto are rogue ninja who obviously possess chakra, there are also bandits who aren't shinobi and don't possess chakra. We usually see bandits in filler episodes, movies and in the games. Most of the non chakra using characters are in non-canon content.

    I'm going to make an example which is not Naruto related but it will help the point I'm trying to make. The main focus of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and magic, the non magic users are known as muggles and they are quite an important aspect in the Harry Potter plot. The main focus of Star Wars are Force-sensitive individuals but non force uses are also very important. Naruto has much more content than Star Wars and Harry Potter, Naruto has 800+ manga chapters, 220 episodes in part 1, 500 epsisodes in pert 2, 66+ episodes in Boruto, 11 movies, a few OVA's, they could of made an entire episode(s)/OVA's or even movies of only non chakra users because I believe that they are very important or they should be.

    The Feudal Lords are non chakra users and they are basically the leaders of the 5 Great Nations and more. The Feudal Lords of the 5 Great Nations authorized the 5 kage summit and the Feudal Lords from 5+ countries had to be protected during the 4th Great Ninja War. After the war, don't you think that the non chakra uses would fear chakra uses and they would try to defend themselves against shinobi by building deadly weapons? And I know that there are morden weapons in Naruto like Missile launchers(in Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire).

    We need to see the rise of the non chakra uses, or at least I want to see it.

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