• It was mentioned that Kages will decide what to do with the chunin exams based on the performance they saw, cap 67 came up yesterday and nobody said anything (seems nobody passed which is fine for me). But if they were to decide to pass someone, who would you pick?

    For me, it'd be Shinki, he seems to have strength and to be mature for taking decisions etc. But that's all, I didn't see something brilliant or someone else to be ready for being a chunun. If I had to pick somebody else well, I'll then say 2. Shikadai 3. Sarada since for me they seem to be a bit more mature from the Konoha ones. And well we know Mitsuki is pretty strong, too. But honestly, if i had to pick someone, it'd only be Shinki. What are your thoughts?

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    • Shikadai without a doubt

      A case could be made for Sarada

      Mitsuki forfeiting just keeps him out of the discussion for me

      Boruto cheating also disqualified him IMO

      Shinki isn’t mentally ready IMO but he should be heavily considered

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    • Denki and namida

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    • I think Mitsuki would be a good choice.

      Shinki was obviously be an option when it comes to power, but he doesn’t have good leadership qualities.

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    • For reference

      Team 7

         Boruto Uzumaki 
         Sarada Uchiha 

      Team 10

         Shikadai Nara 
         Chocho Akimichi 
         Inojin Yamanaka 

      Team 5

         Denki Kaminarimon 
         Iwabee Yuino 
         Metal Lee 

      Team 15

         Sumire Kakei (Shigaraki) 
         Wasabi Izuno 
         Namida Suzumeno 

      Team Shinki


      Team Yurui


      So, I do think that

      Sarada Uchiha- Intuitive mind, sharingan, and monster strength Mitsuki- Sage Mode, Intelligience Shikadai- Improved Shadow Jutsu and intelligence Iwabee- Amazing Doton

      Should become chuunin... There can be a case made for

      Chocho, Shinki (arrogance), Sumire, Boruto, and Metal Lee becoming chuunin but they lack the structure...

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