• Hey guys!

    Well, this discussion about Neji might be useless among the Neji theories in this Discussion group but, I've been wondering about his Favourite Flower.

    I think his favorite flower would be; A Sunflower!

    PLease, Hear me out.

    What if his favorite flower was a Sunflower, and Hinata had known about it, and when her Young Daughter was born, she named her Himawari (Sunflower). Just like how Naruto named his Eldest son Boruto. Another term for Neji (Screw - Neji - Boruto - Bolt).

    So, I think that's the end of my weird Flower theory for Neji.

    Honestly, I do not know how my brothers even handle me eheheh...;;;

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    • Interesting, could be. Although I'm not sure if Neji was much of a flower fan. Regardless, Himawari's name is truly pretty and unique.

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