• so as someone new coming to the naruto fandom i'm very frustrated that when you search zetsu you are brought to white zetsu and not both halves together. i've read through all of the 'Talk: Zetsu', other peoples notes and such but i'd still like to point this out. i'm not going to say i didn't know they split as i've seen it and knew before watching naruto but it's quite odd and very frustrating to not get Zetsu as a whole (both white&black in one)

    another note, can someone add the alias/nickname naruto gives zetsu (when he is whole) 'Aloe Vera'? where you add this i don't know as again Zetsu seems to be split and its a name given for when he is whole.

    may i suggest making a page that comes up when you search 'Zetsu' that simply has links to both halves and just regular info for when he is whole? like a picture and such. you don't have to say much just something like: "did you mean: White Zetsu or Black Zetsu?

    ALSO please add the link to Black Zetsu to the 'See also:' links as it should be easy to find like the others as it his other half....yes i know its in the first paragraph but still.

    also in 'black zetsu' to add a 'see also:' for zetsu (white zetsu), Tobi (Zetsu), and White Zetsu Army.

    thank you~

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