• Loved the episode :D Sue me

    rate episode 93!

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    asking for links to fansites isn't allowed, neither is link sharing

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    • It is clear that characters like Kiba and Tenten are not only out of screen time, but they are also out of Naruto's life...

      It is kind of sad that Himawari does not even know some of her parents' best friends during their childhood and youth...

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    • I like how it shows Naruto's relationship with Himawari. It's better that this episode takes place after the Chunin Exams than before the Chunin Exams.

      I just keep wondering if this Arc will Choji and Chocho's storyline including the Hyuga family's storyline.

      I'm guessing Boruto got a hamburger instead of a game.

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    • Kuraama :D so kawaii

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    • A FANDOM user
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