• Didn't Asura Ōtsutsuki create the rasengan as shown in episode 468 of naruto: shsippudden

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    • Jesus, no.... foremost, this topic didn't belong to VS board, so I moved it here... second, give me a good reason not to delete this altogether, since this isn't a 'ask any random question' website. But to answer:

      • the canon clearly stated that Minato Namikaze is the creator of the technique... he got inspired after seeing an usage of Tailed Beast Ball
      • shippuden episode 468 is filler as is the entire arc... while it is based on canon, many things in the arc outright contradict the canon and even previous and following episodes... in other words, whatever shown in the Kaguya/Hagoromo/Hamura history arc should be taken with a pinch of salt... but even then, Asura's technique still wasn't a Rasengan... very similar, yet different
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    • I think that Asura's "rasengan" was actually supposed to be a wind-based technique, even if in later appearances they clearly made it look like a rasengan.

      But regardless, we stick to the cannon and we only acknowledge Minato as the true creator.

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