• Sasuke has his full Susann'o and so does Obito, Obito's is basically Kakashi's to average the playing ground. Sasuke's full Susann'o would be almost identical to the one he used in the fight with Naruto, which is basically Indara's full Susann'o. Obito has both close range and long range Kamui, meaning he has the combat status of both Him and Kakashi [With the Influence of the Sharingan.] Also both of them are in possession of the abilities that derive from the 'Six Paths Of Pain, this includes the Human path, the Deva path, and Etc. This is to average up the prowess that Sasuke gains from both the Yang seal and unlocking his Rinne-Sharingan through this seal.

    A reasonable place for this fight to take place would be finally valley, and they both have a standard chakra supply [This is a limiter to Obito who seemingly has an abundance of chakra due to his excessive use of his 'Kamui.']

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    • Neither has Rinne-Sharingan, neither has Pseudo Rinne-Sharingan. Sasuke just has a Rinnegan that has his EMS put into it. Obito should have it too, because he was a TTJ at one point. Since this is no plot involved I would give 6/10 fights to Sasuke and 4/10 fights to Obito.

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    • The use of this word is quite apparent, when an individual has a Sharingan in one eye and a Rinnegan in it is considered [By me and I am sure several others] a 'Rinne-Sharingan'. Sasuke obtained his Rinne-Sharingan through means that did not involve robbing the eye of another so I placed word Pseudo in front of it being it is not a natural display of the technique. You're right in saying that they do not have the Rinne-Sharingan that is displayed within the Ten-tails or Madara, but a combination of the two subsequently creates the 'Rinne-Sharingan' [If you are referring to basic literture and the play on words]; I also use this terminology for the lack of a better word, I apologize if that is not correct that is just what I know it to be.

      Your rating of the battle does not contribute to the thread at all being those statistics are completely off a whim. completely unnecessary. When you read this I am sure you knew what I was referring to, unless you knew the proper definition for 'Rinne-Sharingan' which derives from the 'Rinnegan' with tomoe that is shown in Kaguya, Madara, the Ten-tails, or anyone under its influence. But even then you must have been able to use context clues in order to deduct that concept even being involved in this fight? Well for those who wish to contribute, I am referring to the combination of the two, not the Dojutsu/Kekkei Mora that is given via the Ten-tails.

      [I wanted to make this clear so there would be no misunderstandings also making it so that the obvious is more obvious, again I referring to the combination of the two not the Kekkei Mora.]

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    • The Rinne Sharingan is a third eye on the forehead that is red and has 9 tomoe, it is the father dojutsu to the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. Sasuke does not have the Rinne Sharingan.. and if you are referring to the fan term for his eye the fans call Sasuke's Rinnegan the Sharinnegan.

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    • I literally just explained myself, please read the fine print before trying to explain something I explained several times. I stated several times the proper definition of the term and my reasoning for using the term. You're at this point 'Speaking to Speak'.

      "In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu, Sasuke's Rinnegan is erroneously referred to as a Rinne Sharingan"

      This is an excerpt fromt the 'Trivia' Section of the Rinne-Sharingan Wikia page, I can honestly say this is a common misconception.

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    • Yeah in those two games. On reddit, this wikia, and other online places people nicknames Sasuke and Urashiki's Rinnegans, Sharinnegan. You are taking what you want out of my comments, and that's not my fault.

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    • no matter what, Sasuke's Rinnegan is not called a Rinne Sharingan and never will be

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    • Actionmanrandell wrote: no matter what, Sasuke's Rinnegan is not called a Rinne Sharingan and never will be

      I corrected myself and clarified the proper use of the term several times the fact that you guys cannot see past this is kind of disappointing being when I was corrected I never claimed it was right. If I could change the title I would, this is a common misconception being it is foreclosed in this fashion in several official outlets as I said before. Now can we please move past this, you're at this point just reiterating an already concluded 'Statement' and carrying this on any longer will turn to an argument straying away from the purpose of this thread even further.


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    • @FormalCarnage

      When you begin your response trying to justify your wrong wording, some people may miss the end of the response where you finally admit you're wrong. Since you, you know, tried to justify it.

      Regarding your fight though, I have a couple questions.

      You're arbitrarily giving Obito 6 paths of Pain powers in this fight? Even though in your current specifications, he doesn't have the Rinnegan to perform it? Keep in mind, if you're considering Obito to be approximately Kakashi's level with Double Mangekyo Sharingan, then this power up for Obito may not be necessary. Kakashi arguably was able to do more in the fight against Kaguya than Sasuke.

      Second question is, what is standard chakra supply in this scenario? Kakashi throughout the series before the 4th Shinobi World War had average chakra supplies. If that's all they get, neither will be able to pull off Full Body Susanoo, and their Mangekyo techs will be limited. What exactly is "standard" here?

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    • This Versus needs more detail and better looking into. Besides the wording, the detail is, well, Obito can't have both MS if one eye has the rinnegan. No, Obito cannot switch Rinnegan and MS because he never had the ability to do it sadly. The Rinnegan he had belonged to Madara. So in this case; He can't have Six Paths and Susanoo. Six paths of pain requires the Rinnegan. Susanoo requires 2 Sharingan to unlock and use.

      As stated above, some editing is needed.

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    • Susanoo needed to be awakened with the owners 2 Mangekyo together, which Obito did not have when he awakened his Mangekyo.. notice how Kakashi had Susanoo the moment he acquired both Mangekyo and unlike Obito he was not nearly spent on chakra. So if Obito was given both of his original Mangekyo he would have his Susanoo, if he only had one of them he would not have Susanoo.

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